what kinds of jobs do we all have

The wife and I are both RN's. Working every other weekend sucks though :) But got to pay for the toys :D

I own a Construction company, and an aftermarket Harley Shop. And in my spare time.....

Software Engineer currently in the horse racing industry. I build software to help seperate you from your hard earned dough :)


Golden State Rewards Network

Go Baby Go!!

I sell wholesale groceries till friday....then I become the finance and insurance specialist at the local H-D shop that I used to only work at on saturdays.


Ironically I`m a TT..... Telecommunications Technologist.... I work in the greate white north.. Montreal

I am a Field Service Tech for an energy management controls company. Our market is the refrigeration industry (grocery stores mostly). I cover west of the Rockies, and had over 300,000 frequent flier miles last year (traveled 48 weeks).

I'm the Manager of Computer Support Services for a NASA facility on a local college campus.

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my god! i'm in a bloody brains trust!

i own a sports business. i put on the after school sports for 20 primary schools from athletics to volleyball and in the holidays i put on "sportsweeks" in the schools.

i coach gymnastics, rugby and athletics first up but i'm qualified at about 8 sports. it's a hobby that turned into a job.

i run the cambridgeshire rugby team and the sub counties XV and last summer produced three county champions at gymnastics.

no i can't do the bloody splits before any of you ask! although i can walk on my hands for the length of the room. at 40 and PHUQED i stand up looking like the proverbial lobster

i was in the car trade for the first 17 years and then boy did we have a recession in '92 and i just went for it.

could make more working for anyone else AT anything else but it's great.


By Day....I am a Senior Computer Network Engineer.I Manage/Monitor 40 Fixed and remote Local Area Network sites in the Southeast. By night I have my own Small Business network installation company.

On the Weekend I am the King of Crash.......

Bonzai :)

I'm currently an idependent contractor for non-bank financial services (transaction processing, wire transfer service, misc. financial stuff and some accounting) for a semi-start up company. My real area of interest is in computers, mostly computer networking (currently CCNA #10,462,235 or something like that) :) . So if anyone needs a computer networker around the Denver/Boulder area, drop me a line, LOL!

And BTW MakoMike, you got it bro, go HUSKERS :D:D !!!!


I run a race team - Team DAD... :):D

I am a single parent of three kids - fulltime job that one...

I build wooden furniture for fun...

I sometimes find time to be a graphic design contractor, which is the only job that pays me money, instead of costing me...

Hoping to be an aftermarket parts Baron one day... :D:D


:) I am the Contracts Manager for a small Family run Specialist Internal Display Company, We deal a lot with a National(UK) Estate Agents and travel the UK doing this!

Keeps the wolf from the door and the bikes in the garage :D

I'm a Manufacturing Engineer in St. Louis, MO.

Mechanical Engineer by training. Got tired of working for others and formed a partnership with four talented individuals and we built a new factory, which produces sealed recombinant batteries. These currently provide backup power for telecommunications/UPS/Aviation/Marine applications etc.

I'm the manager of the Lighting & Grip shop at The Culver Studios, we supply all the equipment to the stages on the lot - features,pilots and commercials as well as band rehersals for up-coming concerts. :)

Ok, so far BigDesto has the :) coolest :D job.

Anyone a Playboy photographer? I think that might beat his. :D

If anyone is looking for work here is a little something for you:

Dirtbike Test Rider :)

OK, I'm a headend tech for a cable-tv company. Basically, I keep the channels on the air, cable modems humming and try to prevent the next problem before it happens. Everyday is different.

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Typically, my standard answer to the "what do you do for a living" question is "Computer Pilot" or "I fly a desk", because it sounds better than "I sit on my butt all day in front of a damn computer". The real answer is a bit more complicated because I do many things for a living, all of them involving computers in one way or another.

My main gig is in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which is just a fancy term for computerized mapping. It involves some cool things like sub-meter GPS for data collection and highly accurate aerial photography. Most of the work I do is for a local government here in SoCal, designing end-user applications for things like infrastructure management and land use planning. I spend a lot of time programming in MapObjects. If your interested in this stuff, go to www.esri.com and check it out.

I also have two very small businesses ? database front end programming and networking. Either one of these could be a full time job and then some.

I would rather be a playboy photographer...

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