what kinds of jobs do we all have

Thanks Milkman, right now we have a feature called Gigli thats stars J-Lo. What a spicey *ss! :):D:D

Originally posted by jschner:

If anyone is looking for work here is a little something for you:

Motorcycle Test Rider


DANG! I qualify for everything but reliable transportation!

Stupid AMC Pacer. :D

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I have been a collection manager for 18yrs. I have managed collection floors for banks and several collection agencies all over the country. I also managed a bankruptcy dept for a bank for 2 yrs. Yes, I am the guy you dont want to here from.

And, Apparently, I cant spell. (here, hear) Yipe

I've GOT to show this post to my wife!! She thinks all my friends are dumbass dirtbike riders!

As a humble gear-jammer, I am truly the college-dropout, underachiever of this bunch! (I also now understand why I'm the only one who can't post pictures!)

I spend all my time with my 2 sons (6&8). We race MX, hunt, fish, and camp. I do metal fabrication in my shop, occassionaly coming up with a good idea or two. I like building 4x4s, '69 Camaros, and souped-up mini-racers for the boys...

And I still don't know what I want to be if I have to grow-up. :):D:D

Im a commercial electrician in Phoenix, and its already in the mid 90's!!!!!

I race the Brown Truck. Bad to the Brown.

I am a Acoustic contractor in So Cal. I do that sprayed on stuff that everyone wants to have taken off. I also now remove non asbestos acoustic ceilings.

I am V.P. of Operations for Midas automotive repair centers. Been in Automotive Parts or Repair for 30 years. We corner the market by being honest. (A new revelation for automotive repair). Do not want to spend huge amounts of money on street race cars but love to go fast, so I went to motorcycles. Live in Germantown Md. 30 miles south of Baltimore, 20 miles north of D.C. Boy!, except for me, This group is smart!!!

I am age 24, and a 7th grade math/science teacher in an inner city school where students are bused in from three major gang areas- Bloods, Crypts, and Latin Kings! Does the school have any problems? NOOOOOOO of course not! At least thats what they said in the interview! I might as well be teaching APATHY 101, because nobody cares! Weekend riding is my only form of sanity.

I am a Elevator Operations Manager for a Grain Processing Company. I've been in the Flour Milling business for 15 years in various positions.


WR 426

TTR 125L

PW 50

I'm a Chief in the Navy,17 years, 27 countries. I babysit missile launchers and missiles(VLS) by trade but to try something different I am a recruiter in Southern Ohio... Send me back to sea! Try dealing with a "Family" of 27 17 and 18 year olds...

Sales Manager for the local printing company. I also work part time for a ski shop tuning and repairing skis. Once in awhile as an amateur porn star, I go under the pseudonym Buck Naked

High School. I don't get paid but the hours are great! :)

Sales rep for a distributor of automation components and systems. Lots of work, but worth it in the long run.


You guys pay me 5,000 green ones (gov. grant) a year to go to college (Calpoly SLO) and I'm 40k in debt. When I get out, if I do get out, I should have a BS (or minor) in Food Science and a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I've taken 272 units (quarter) so far, lets all pray that I make it.

For spare cash I'm a welder/fabricator. I do alot of modifications (suspension/motor swaps/roll cages/bumpers) to toys (not toyotas) with 4 wheels and plates. I like building baja style pre-runners the most.


Supervise the control center for the local electric utility, includes generation, transmission, distribution and all the other wonderful issues the indurstry is facing. Great job and I love 99% of it.

Im busy being a 16 year old kid :)

Best job in the world.....Navy Pilot..Hornet driver by trade

CCTV Tech. I install/maintain all the cameras that everybody hates. mostly work at LAX.

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