what kinds of jobs do we all have

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I am age 24, and a 7th grade math/science teacher in an inner city school where students are bused in from three major gang areas- Bloods, Crypts, and Latin Kings! Does the school have any problems? NOOOOOOO of course not! At least thats what they said in the interview! I might as well be teaching APATHY 101, because nobody cares! Weekend riding is my only form of sanity.

Dude,I have nothing but the upmost respect for you and your profession.

Thanks for doing what most wouldnt even consider.


I have a BS in Chemistry and work as a sales/service consultant for a small chemical company. We provide on site service and sell our line of chemicals to treat the insides of boilers and cooling towers for hospitals, schools, factories etc in order to keep them from developing scale. I also do industrial wastewater treatment and chemical consulting.

I work for a camera (film and video) company that rents out equipment for sitcoms,award shows and other TV shows. Lately I've been traveling with "Jeopardy" and a show on DirectTV called "Music in High Places" where I travel with the crew. Im responsible for setting up the camera jib (crane). Just flew in from Vancouver BC tonight. Wow, what a beautiful place!!!!

Dan :)

I am a Civil Engineer working for a County Agency doing onsite Construction Management for bridges, roads, storm drains, dams, etc. My current project is approx. 7 miles of the Alameda Corridor. Grand opening next week with rumors that G.W. (Bush) himself will be here! Should be interseting.

Keep Roostin'


If I told ya..I'd have to kill ya! :)


Yep, Vancouver is pretty nice. Things would be greeen there now. :) I'm on the other side of the Rockies in Calgary... it snowed 3 inches a couple days back... Spring.. right?

I'm a telecommunications technologist and I run an 6 person application development/programming dept within AT&T Cananda.

Motorcycles ...especially the WR, make it all worth while. :D

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I'm an old IBM main frame systems programmer. However, now days they are more like a server on steroids! :) I am currently working as a consultant for a California state agency. I prefer riding over working but haven't figured out how to get paid to do it yet. :D

I am a Telecoms Engineer for Ericssons AXE equipment in GSM cellphone core networks.

I used to do implementation scripts for various phone operators, but now my (entire departement) tasks have evolved to just sit in front of a computer writing manuals (boring as h*ll).

I also work at a 7-eleven once or twice a week (five to midnight) to be able to afford riding. Me and the wife just had our first child, so money is VERY tight - but one has to ride :)

Hmmm, looks like Banffboy might have the best part time job here...

Right now I guess I got it pretty good, have 7 days a week to ride and I get an unemployment check mailed to me every two weeks.

Unfortunately that will all be coming to an end this Monday as I resume my career as a bewildered mechanical engineer doing very little related to mechanical engineering. Took a sink or swim job of being responsible for the growth and success of a start up HVAC service company as a spin off of an existing construction company. Ought to be quite interesting as I am next to clueless! :)

Help run a family owned business. T.Barth & Traum Co. We sell and service cleaning equipment ( scrubbers, buffers, vacs, sweepers etc...) to grocery stores, hospitals, retail stores, warehouse etc...

Ride Often, Ride Safe & Have Fun :)

I am a marketing representative for an electric cooperative. I do anything from energy audits to photos and editing for the monthly magazine to run our small ISP. I am also starting to do some work for the local Yamaha shop, [begin shameless plug] Carolina Powersports, Orangeburg, SC... [end shameless plug]. If anyone is in the market for a new bike, let me know (we've got one 2002 WR426 left on the floor and a few 2-strokes, but we can get what you need). I'm working on getting some discounts for the list, let me know if there is anything you need and I'll see what I can do. They are going to sponsor me next year in the SETRA H/S and Enduros and some GNCCs and I am trying to get them all of the business I can.

Wow, you all have such great jobs, how do you find time to ride and post?

Personally I have a much more boring job... I am one of 2 Clinical Engineers(Biomed) at a local hospital. I fix everything that breaks that is patient related or not "nurse proof" no offense jekel.

I own and run a Renault Car Dealership for the last 20 years I also am a Helicopter Instructor with my own business at Cardiff Airport

Until April 3: 'Global Category Head - Product Optimisation' - Dont ask I, havent a clue. It certainly didn't describe what I did.

Since April 3 : "Global Head - Business Intelligence". Basically finding out what the competition/market-place is up to, analysing it and advising top management on strategy / implications. This for one of the top 5 pharma companies.

Products we sell: If you cant feed yourself through illness or injury we will provide a total liquid diet or supplement your diet to keep you alive. Delivery into the body via tubes through your stomach wall or down through your nose/oesophagus or mixed with normal food. Average life expectancy of our customers : 6 months - they are usually pretty sick.

I am a Firewall Administrator and Network Technician. I work for an energy trading firm (natural gas and electricity) and believe me when I say I'm thankful that we're not clients of Arthur Andersen! I've been working with computer networks since 1994 and riding motorcycles since 1979. I have three big loves in my life: My family, computers and motorcycles!

I am a professional firefighter for the city of Columbus, 24 hours on, 48 hours off, and never work on Sundays! :)

If I told you I would have to kill myself :)

I am a city cop in the narcotics unit. I do all the technical surveillance for the department. Wire taps, photos,tracking, bodywires, covert cameras, etc. I am the guy that's always in the van with the headphones on.

Before the posts start about bad traffic tickets, I have not written a ticket in ten years.

Nuclear Power Plant's Nuclear Systems Operator at Seabrook Station.

I meander aimlessly around the plant looking at stuff (monitoring all operating equipment outside the Control Room).

I get paid for what I know, not necessarily what I do. (I look, listen, feel, smell the plant operate, and determine if it is doing it correctly).

The U.S. Navy trained me to competantly operate/run the mechanical watchstations of a U.S. Navy Trident Class Missle submarine's engineroom (USS Tennessee)

They (navy) forced down my throat:

Heat Transfer and fluid flow

Mechanical theory

basic electrical/electrical theory

basic electronics

reactor physics


radiation worker/handler


steam propulsion and electricl generation systems

refrigeration/air conditioning



When I am at home, my specialties are:

master chef


laundry technician

professional snow removal technician

profeesional lawn care technician

drywall specialist


carpet/wood floor installer guy




auto mechanic


VCR/TV repair technician


Educational Tutor




Alpha Dog (to my dog, Fargo)

FCR Carburator Tuner/Struggler

Computer repair/builder guy

Northwood Town drunk :)

the guy that drives too fast in the neighborhood


Yamaha WRF400 Rider/Owner/Mechanic

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hey banffboy. i am pretty sure i saw your AVN 4 star top rated movie " Moped women- Fun to ride till someone sees ya"

Poor college student here. Oh yeah, i work part time at advance auto parts, and ride in my spare time.

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