what kinds of jobs do we all have

Currently work as a Channel Sales guy for a streaming media company, I can't believe it's been 4 years, but in 2 months officially put a shingle on my door when I open a mobile advertising company I've named Driving Revenues, www.drivingrevenues.com, first time business owner so we'll see how it goes.

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury mechanic for the last 30 yrs. Mike

I'm currently a student a Univ. of Idaho. Right now my concerns are planning tomorrow's keg/BBQ and what time do I want to hit the bar tonight. You gotta love college. Next fall I will graduate with my BS in Secondary Ed. Eagle 426, I tip my hat to ya. There is no amount of money you could give me to teach where you are at. I prefer the small towns and schools.


I'm a baby sitter in the transportation industrie...well officially traffic manager but I have to run the show here: dispatch drivers, deal with customers, make rates and all, take care of TWO secretary!

I also distribute Pro Racing Fuels here in Quebec.

I am the Director of Information Services at the Appalachian School of Law www.asl.edu. I handle all computer, network, printer, copier, fax machine, telephone, and the A/V equipment. In my spare time I am part owner in a local ISP www.swvaol.com.

college student (SRU)

product supply engineer (aka stockboy at local supermarket... just over 2 yrs.)


dirt bike....

no, make that dirt bike, then girlfriend... :):D

cannondale job sounds interesting....

I'm a Sales Engineer focusing on VPN technology at major datacomm co. I'm the technical sales guy that gets to explain/answer all the geekie questions as to how our products work.

My former life was a network adminstrator/computer goto guy and mortgage brokering/data analysis before that.

RWOWC, look me up man. I'm in Delaware county, let's go riding.

I'm a tech writer for AT&T Wireless. Can you say BORING! Pays not bad though. I used to work for software companies as a tech writer (boring but not as bureucratic as here). Before that I was a tech trainer/instructional designer(CRM, MS SQL Server). Thought I would try tech writing for a change. What a mistake! Now I'm pigeon holed as a tech writer. :)

Recently saw the movie "Office Space", got sick every time I showed up for work for a week. Great movie though! "Where's my stapler?"

In another life years ago I was in sales. I am thinking about getting back into it, maybe try to find a job with a motorcycle company. Not to many of those jobs out there if you don't want to work at a dealer.

Interesting to hear what everyone is doing.


NoGotMeAwrYet, WA

I'm a computer tech for the City of Phoenix.


I create environments that encourage bio-diversity of plant and wildlife. I also develop public recreation and agricultural landscapes.

An early phase of these types of terrain change involves extracting mineral resources.....

OK, OK, I am in quarry management!

Electrical Engineer by qualification, but I love the outdoors.

And, NO you cannot practice in my quarries!!


I am an antique dealer in sunny so ca.I think I have the best job!No 8 to 5!!! I buy and sell everything from vintage motorcycles to rare oil paintings and general antiques.Last year I sold a tv show munster plastic squirt gun for 10000.00 Bought a brand new bike with half the money.I try to ride at least 10 days out of the month or go surfing across the street from where I live!Used to be a quality control superviser for aero space when I was young and dumb!!!!!!!! :):D:D

Currently, I am a master of the coffee making industry (aka DUNKIN DONUTS). Also work w/ dad sometimes as electricians apprentice. Lotsa fun, enough $$$ :)

I'm a commercial aircraft technician for 22 years. Currently working for FEDEX. My wife and I also run a commercial horse boarding and training facility.

industrial electrician and instrumentation. before that 16 years navy fire control (electronics that control and fire weapons)CIWS, MK86 and AEGIS. i also did the recruiting thing. left the navy for 65 a year and a real life. have NEVER regreted it! nhkevin do you still glow? :)

I'm a laid off papermill worker, delivering, sorting & shipping library books for Penn State (part-time).

I'll be going back to school in the fall for mechanical engineering.

i almost forgot. i do repair welding on the side and my stage name is Ben Dover.

Hey Guys,

I knew I should have payed more attention in school. My job entails cleaning toilets, sweeping sidewalks, picking up after people,

settling disputes, and getting yelled at. But my favorite part of the job is catching rats. The one in the freezer that goes through a stack of frozen pizzas has me extremely bewildered. :)

ahhh.....the life of a Asst. Mgr. in a grocery store :D Thank God for Motorcycles!!!!

i work for cox communications i'm a cable tv/phone/data field tech. it's great i work 4 10's

Can you believe this, miss TT for a few days and there's a 80+ post thread. This damn business takes to much of my time. When we're slow I can sit at the shop, surf the web, ride a bike or two, and then run by a jobsite or 2 and check the guys work. Now that spring is here all the folks get spring fever and the phone starts ringing again. Here's what I was today.

6:30am-coffeemaker, it comes with being the first at the shop.

7:00am-fight breakerupper, 2 crew leaders couldn't agree on something. Nobody loves a snitch so I never found out what the beef was.

8:00 to 9:00am-receptionist until the real one gets in, 1 sales lead and 4 different salesman trying to sell whatever it is they sell. I tell them the owner comes in at nine.

9:00 to 10:30am-payroll clerk, every construction worker on this planet wants his check on Friday after work.

11:00am-sales assistant, helping a pool designer/salesperson close a deal with nothing more than dropping names of neighbors we've built pools for. She should of asked me before the first meeting and I could of given her names and addresses of a couple of dozen customers in their subdivision.

12:00noon to 1:30-machine operator, showing one of my guys how to dig up a tree-stump without abusing my excavator. You think he cares that I paid almost 50thou for this toy.

2:00pm-landscape architect, thank god it took over a halfday to do the new sprinkler zones. Half the plants weren't laid out according to the landscape plan. Homeowners usually don't notice, but with my luck this one would. One of these days I'm going to start doing plans in both english and spanish so nobody can use that excuse again.

3:00pm-electrician, rewire the panel showing the journeyman how to wire in the low and high sides of digital controller relays and explain to him how GFCI line and load neutrals must be kept seperate in the box when wiring pool lamps. I understand that every man has to learn somewhere, but don't charge me full invoice time to be his teacher.

4:30pm-plumber, finish setting the equipment so the real plumber can tee into the meter to plumb the gas risers for the pool heater. Both I and the homeowner told him to have it done by 5:00pm as they're leaving town for the weekend. He'd of left them without gas, and as a result no hot water or heat for not doing it in time, than I'd of got the dreaded Sunday evening call from the answering service that their home and pissed off. I would be the one to go over, take the ass chewing, turn on the gas and relight the pilots.

6:00pm-superintendent, drive by 2 jobs in the same subdivision. Everything is okay, this is the way it should always be.

6:40pm-lawbreaker, screw the open container law. Everyone knows construction workers love cold beer so I bought 2 for the ride to the shop, after today I earned them.

I'm a pool construction contractor and just like everyone else the title doesn't match the job description.

gee looks like i have the best job on here.

I am a MOtorcycle Technision for a Yamaha Dealership have been for the past 4 years.

Gotta love that!!!!!

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