what kinds of jobs do we all have

I'm a Software Engineer for a semiconductor chip manufacturer. I do mostly Perl and VB programming. I also help my Dad out with his trials bike dealership, Trail and Trials Motorcycles in Garden Valley, ID, so I'm really into trials.

I ride about every day of the week on one bike or the other.

I'm a flight test engineer.

Trust me, Hornet driver Nedley has the best job posted here.

You guys might be interested that a motocrosser was the pilot on the last space shuttle mission that recently went up to repair the Hubble space telescope. Check out http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/Bios/htmlbios/carey.html for more info. I rode with Digger during my F-16 flight test days. He's pretty fast.

Originally posted by xrracer36:

college student (SRU)

product supply engineer (aka stockboy at local supermarket... just over 2 yrs.)


dirt bike....

no, make that dirt bike, then girlfriend... :):D

cannondale job sounds interesting....

and when you get married if it dosend go



It will be

no bike........

no sex.........

no wife........

then youl have to go bake to


hey idahoan AKA tyrel. banffboy and them are going back to lake kokanooska the 12-13. Are you gonna go?

Man, I know if I tell, I'm gonna get flamed by some of you guys (right finglan? :D )........but since we're all good friends here, what the hell!!!

WR rider by day.......Deputy Sheriff by night

Easy on me guys, I only chase the really bad guys, and I cut a lot of slack to dirtbike riders!!! :):D:D

I'm a city cop and more specfic, I'm in the K9 unit and the head trainer for our K9 unit. My partners name is Bod.

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Medical Ultrasound Sales Rep. I know more about stuff I never wanted to know about. Work to ride, Ride to work. right,........ooohh I forgot riding a dirt bike to work in a suit might look kinda funny.

Manual machinist and I manage a cnc machine shop with 3 haas vertical mills and 2 haas lathes.

Solidworks for modeling, mastercam for post processing.

I am starting my own cylinder head shop on the side after seeing the junk repairs people charge good money for.

30,000 yz-f's and wr's are going to need head work sooner or later.

I also used to manage Kibblewhite precision machine, home of the black diamond valve, so I got to see how to do it right.

Telecommunications Superintendent / Project manager.

I have the most boring job here.

I work in Textiles as a Card technician,fixing

and setting the same boring machines day in and

day out.

By night I am a beer taster and Hockey critic.

Go Leafs Go

My wife is an emergency R.N..She comes in handy

when I come home after a crash.

Hey MOmilkman how much for a new knee?

Professional Truck Engineer, 9 months a year and off with pay 3 months of the year :) Only thing that sucks is, its Jan. thru March.


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My job is to convince people to pay their bills

Part of my job is going to the gym . but the chicks love it.

I've herd every excuse you could imagane.

People just dont understand that there is an easy way or a hard way. It doesn't matter to me.

I am a Vascular Surgery PA and my wife is a Bone Marrow Transplant PA. We work to support our motorcycle and bicycling habits, otherwise, I would probably live in a cardboard box under the freeway somewhere.


M1A2 Tank Platoon Leader (The second best off road vehicle, next to the dirtbike!)

Im 23 years old and work on the railroad. Freight train conductor for CSXT out of Augusta, GA. I ride the rails back and forth to Atlanta and Savannah Ga., and Charleston and Spartanburg SC.

Hey this is a great post......Unkle Moose told me I needed to drop back in every once and a while and check things out.

I head up the Operations Group in a privately held High Tech company in the networking space. We've developed the next generation IP Core router. Hey - anyone want to buy a Terabit Router? You can check us out at www.pluris.com. My bio and picture are there someplace (yeah I am that fat!)

In a past life, I built some of the Navy gear that Kevin (and others) have sailed with:

Launch Systems and TG sets for Ohio Class SSBN

Reduction Gears for the CG47 Cruisers

Main engines for the several SSN class boats (Latest being the Seawolf)

Maybe a few other things.......

Small world!

This has been an even more popular question than "how old are we all?" A very diverse group!

Recent runaway from "Big 5" Consulting firm, no ties to Enron! :) now Director of Sales and Strategy for am emerging software company

I operate and maintain high pressure natural gas pipelines for the So. Cal Gas Co. The pool contractor guy scares me! A pool guy lighting pilots! As well as traing excavating crews! We have pipeline markers that have both english and spanish wording just for the kind of operators that some people hire! The worst part is that he makes the coffee! Just kidding. Try to ride 4-8 times a month. 30 and still single gives me way too much time for well anything I want.

I'm a carpenter, mostly concrete formwork and building layout for large commercial or public works projects. After 15 years I have worked my way into a forman's position running a crew of 5 to 15 guys. Give me a patch of dirt and a set of plans and I'm happy!!! There is three kinds of people in this world, those that make it happen, those that watch it happen, and those that wonder what the f!@# happened!! :D:D:)

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