what kinds of jobs do we all have

I operate and maintain high pressure natural gas pipelines for the So. Cal Gas Co. The pool contractor guy scares me! A pool guy lighting pilots! As well as traing excavating crews! We have pipeline markers that have both english and spanish wording just for the kind of operators that some people hire! The worst part is that he makes the coffee! Just kidding. Try to ride 4-8 times a month. 30 and still single gives me way too much time for well anything I want.

Herk driver for 10 years (C-130 four engined turboprop) in the Air Nat'l Guard. Before that, Loadmaster for 4 years. Before that, Air Traffic Control Twr operator in the Army...192nd ATC Co. at Ft. Campbell, KY. Somewhere in there, four year degree in Computer Science. Database designer/implementer. Currently in the desert in Southwest Asia defending the American way for another month or so - against people who hate us just for being us but would trade places with us quicker than you can say Yamaha. Technology is a wonderful thing!! I can still check on my fellow TT'ers over here. I'm a little bumed that I'm missing some of the best riding weather in NC, but hey...all for the cause! :)


I work as a director for sports television, and try to ride as much as I can :)

what do i do?

hmmm. my wife loves me, that's all that's really important. i can tell because she let me rebuild the back end of my WRF in the kitchen over the winter. http://losdos.dyndns.org:8080/public/riding/moto-kitchen/

when i'm not at home giving and getting TLC i work at a large sub-$5 stock telecom equipment firm designing high speed optical networking equipment. got OC192? after work i get to ride in the 7 acres left in NJ where it's still legal to roost. my better half meanwhile is almost done with a PhD in, get this guys, "Marital Crisis Counseling". how's that grab you? or i should ask, how does that make you feel? i keep telling her about the big household crisis, you know the crappy stock front D739 tire on the yama's. i've got her really concerned about my anxiety level over this, but we've prescribed a new D756 tire to treat it. at least she thinks that all this dirt bike related emoting (i looked it up, you can too) is good for me.

anyway, good to see that the rest of the world is hard at work earning money to buy new parts too.

jim aka the wrooster


remind me never to order a heated pool in TX. :) like who would heat their pool in TX anyway?

Equipment Engineering Technician (fancy title for maintenance tech) for Sawtek Inc. We make surface acoustic wave filters for wireless applications, i.e. cell phones, WLAN, etc. Get to work on some pretty cool equipment that costs more than I'll ever see in my lifetime!!!

Rich, you don't work for "the Mouse" do ya? :)

You guessed it, PapaSmurf. But you're from around here...not fair! :)

So you're an Imagineer Rich - or is that different??

Say wrooster - I got OC-192 and looking for a OC-768 :) who are you with????

There are Imagineers who are environmental engineers (R & D stuff), but that's different from what I do.

I'm a Surgical Tech. I help install what Bamster wants and what MOmilkman sells. It has come in handy being in this field of work. Never know when you're gonna need a good Orthopedic Doc!!

I sell houses for a living in the Kansas City area. The only thing I really like about my job is being able to leave when I want to and go riding on a nice day. Well, at least I used to before I broke my arm last July 4th. A couple more months of rehab and hopefully I will be back to roost'n.

For the first 90 posts I thought I was the only one that was the lowest paid with the worst hours------- CITY COP------ Wish we could chase the bad guys on dirt bikes!!!!!!

A mechanical engineer by education and a little industry experience with NASA and Lockheed, former USAF pilot, now a Southwest Airlines captain. Just got married for the first time 11 months ago. Wouldn't have a hope of owning a dirt bike if I hadn't grandfathered it in.....but, apparently, I forgot to mention the blower for the Tacoma....BUT, I WOULDN'T TRADE IT FOR THE WORLD!!!!!!

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I'm an Environmental Engineer at one of the local theme parks that none of you could have possibly ever heard of. But I started out there 20 years ago shooting hippos and evading cannibals while driving a boat on a track.

Boring accountant - Rural business in a Big 5 Consulting firm, getting out and about as much as possible.

Typical accountant? :) Not many of our staff are into dirtbikes, skiboats, utes (Australian version of pickups)& tools. None of my staff understand spending time in the shed and none of them ever broke their leg dancing at their first work xmas show! :D

What a great post! I figure if I read it, I have to contribute. So, here goes. Please try and stay awake through this:

I'm a computer geek here in Denver Colorado. Specifically, I work for EDS and am an application developer currently working in Powerbuilder/Sybase supporting an audit system for MCI/Worldcom. My office is in Highlands Ranch and my MCI customer is in Fiddlers Green. But, as with any computer job right now, who knows how long this gravy train will last.

But, as long as I can ride the WR and MTB and get some volleyball in every now and then, I don't care what happens job wise.

WAKE UP and keep the posts coming!

Bryan in Denver...

:D A VERY impressive list of occupations and qualifications, and to think the "eco's" have us down as a bunch of mindless, unqualified hooligans! HAH! :D:)

I help run a family Machine Shop. The largest privatly owned shop for as far as I know.

Who Needs parts!?!?

I can make almost anything!

WHO NEEDS WHAT? I'll make anything, and the shop is SLOW :)

My biggest mill has 70" of vert. travel, and 120" of horiz. travel.

My biggest lathe is 18' long and can spin a 8' dia. BIG F-IN LATHE!!!

We have all of the cool stuff!

I also do track building, with my JD's ... a 450 dozer, and a 410 backhoe. a 7 ton road roller, and a large Ford tractor with all the goodies!


Can you make aluminum triple clamp mounts for bark busters? $60 seems an awfully steep price from GYT-R.

What do I do to pay the bills: I sell internet data security solutions & consulting services for a world wide company that host & maintains a majority of the systems that are the backbone of the internet as well as the largest domain name registration company.

After work is done: I chase women & race dirt bikes.....

After women & racing.......I have a martini!!!!!!!


Originally posted by whoyaChrisH:

...snip, snip... There is three kinds of people in this world, those that make it happen, those that watch it happen, and those that wonder what the f!@# happened!! :D:D:)

Ha ha! That's great. One of my favorite qoutes is:

Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!


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