what kinds of jobs do we all have

I'm a lead mech and flight engineer on CH-47 Chinook helicopters. I'm also in the Army Reserves as an aviation maintenance warrant.

Hey GA426,

I think we work for the same company! Send me a pm sometime...

The one and only Agricultural Engineer (Farmer).

Also run a small computer repair business, I can't believe all the tech sectors represented here.

What do I do for a living you ask?? Let's see...For the past fifteen years it's been jaws with paws enforcing laws. And, if you run, you'll only go to jail tired and bitten. I've also been referred to as a city garbage collector by some. Those should be good enough clues for ya'. :)

Please don't let GA426OWNER fool anyone....He is a door to door VIAGRA salesman....and he's appearantly been dippin a little too much into the companies free sample packets lately, as he sure as hell hasn't been with the rest of the dedicated North GA riders for quite awhile....

These day's when the group speaks of him....the terms "trimmin the tree" "Can Dancin" and "doin the Matress Mombo" are used to describe his whereabouts during a weekend ride.

When he decides to sell his two imaculate 426's we can verify the very LOW mileage on them both....

Ok I feel better now.....

Bonzai :)

Bonzai, Payback is hell!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):D:D:D:D

p.s. I got your mattress mombo!

Project Manager in the Automotive industry, we produce the interior carpets in cars such as the new BMW Mini, Saab, Rover.

Stress release is riding the Wr & fireblade, & more the better :)

bras engineer here, man it hard checking brests all day long....


Ahhh another collector in the ranks, Glad to here we are represented on two continents on this bulliten board

IC Layout Designer/manager.

I'm a mindless, unqualified hooligan on weekends.

Sattellite Imaging as well a Scripting guru.

In short Systems Analyst.

I work in the area of IC design and test. We make devices that go inside optical network equipmnet. These chips and the equipment they go in are the building blocks for the next generation internet.

Previously I worked on disk drive control chips and firmware.

But, in high-school, I was the parts guy at a motorcycle shop!!!

I am a legal Car thief - I impound and repo cars. I have even repoed a freightlinner semi with a 53' reefer trailer( no i didnt tow it - we had the freighliner dealer make us a set of keys). My record for taking a car with a dynamic wheel lift is 12 seconds..... wasnt even there long enough to get shot at.

Well im the guy who gets all my posts kicked off for Spaming. Im a motorcycle Broker and i work from my house. Can't think of a better job though. Well you all know where to reach me when you need a new ride.

Best $$$$ anywhere. Quote"I get my kicks on a 426"

I am a computer graphic artist. I do graphics and special effects for commericals and videos on a system called flame. I am sure you have seen my work. I have a Jeep spot on the air right now (Parking Gate) and I did the first round of the Mazda Zoom Zoom spots.

Zoom zoom zoom

Tim Heslip

flame artist by week, wr crasher by weekend

I'm in the collections field...a couple of pairs of handcuffs, a 40mm, and a company car with writing on it that says "POLICE." And, "Yes," I do speed but don't tell anyone...especially the Boss. :)

Lots of great posts and smart guys - my favorite quote so far was from the TTer whose wife was getting a Ph.D in Marital Crisis Management (or something like that"

i keep telling her about the big household crisis, you know the crappy stock front D739 tire on the yama's.

That's the best. :D

I am a Diagnostic Radiological Physicist. I work in a large academic radiology department doing clinical and research work in digital x-ray imaging. It's absolutely the best job I could have in my field. I also do a lot of work with computers (the usual web stuff, perl, VB, SQL, and now Active X and XML) to support our "electronic radiology" department. For the computer nerds here - my department produces about 40 GB of data in a day...

Dirt biking and wrenching is still more fun. :)

Originally posted by Bolts16:

I'm in the collections field...a couple of pairs of handcuffs, a 40mm, and a company car with writing on it that says "POLICE."

Damn.....a 40mm......you guys in Clearwater don't mess around, do you??!!!! :D:)


...a 40mm...

uh, yeah, as a branch of a federal agency didn't you law enforcement types have to take a "metricifcation" course in 1978? :*) i think you mean .40 caliber unless you guys have some new lightweight handheld stuff we (and the military) don't know about.

the wrooster

[ April 14, 2002: Message edited by: wrooster ]

The Business card says "Technical Specialist", mainly looking after the Electronics and Control systems at a Hydro Power Station in New Zealand.

You know the main reason they Shot "Lord of the Rings" here. It's because our dollar is crap.

New WR = $15,000 NZ

Cup of Coffee 70c US

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