what kinds of jobs do we all have

I'm a software trainer/network installer for a large Title insurance company in Florida (Orlando). Pretty boring, but it's 4 miles from home, and I get to travel to some pretty cool places...Used to work on bikes for a living, but when the living didn't happen, computers came along, bought me a house, some cars, and a few bikes...

B737 Airline Pilot

Old thread poster, dust whipper

I'm currently retired (best job I ever had), but before that I was in Hospital Administration for 25 years. Also a good job. It's always good to be friends with emergency room docs and orthopedic surgeons.

Power System Operator for an Electrical Utility company. Operate and control 10 Hydro Electric plants and transmission lines. Just like Homer Simpson in Sector 7G.

I got one of thr WORST ones out there.....

Propety Rights Advocate and Land Development Specialist.

What does that add up to, you ask?

A City Planner sitting right in the middle of the Government trough.

Currently with a WR induced broken arm......

No I have the worst job! HR manager for High-End Display/Exhibit Mfg. www.lex-usa.com Wiping runny noses of 190+ sniveling whinning artists and fabricators all day! When I'm not doin that I ride with the best bunch of riders in the world! www.mountaineersmc.com

The kid everyone hates. spoiled collage boy with new bike and truck. 22 years old and have a high paying job at the famliy bizz lined up after grad school. i ride twice a week and live at the beach in san diego.

bla bla bla.. GoOd fOr yoU.. you can't spell either. :thumbsup:

I live at the beach in San Diego too and have a high paying job, but I worked hard for it. Software engineer here for a major internet security company.

I'll jump into the frey...

I'm a Fire Captain/Paramedic. I ride alone most times, because everyone else that rides is on an opposing shift, is divorced and has the kids this week, is a new parent, has a klingy spouse, or has far more interesting things to do than ride endless desert single/two track.

I plan on riding once a week until the kid is out of school, and fire season starts.

EE and MBA by training, project manager in the airline baggage handling industry by trade. Business is good by the way.

WOW I didn't know there were so many engineers and computer specialist here on TT, I'm impressed. I went to college for Aviation Maintenance and did that for about 4 years. Figured out I couldn't make as much money as I wanted unless I worked for a Union so now I am a Natural Gas Engine & Compressor and Mechanic in the oilfield (guess you could say I pass gas for a living....haha).

Pruduction Manager at a precision grinding wheel manufacturing company

Web Designer at a community college. Currently we have over 62,000 students.

im the manager of a coffee shop here in town, but im a student really, im a 4th yr Mechanical Engineering student... almost done...


I am a journey man maintaince operator for a coal fired powerhouse,27 years in powerhoses and all i can wait for is to ride my sicles!

Engineering Analyst. I create 3D models of electrical interconnect devices for the automotive industry using a CAD application named Pro|ENGINEER. Then I perform finite element analysis on the models to simulate how they will behave in real-world applications using ANSYS FEA software. You can apply forces, pressures, thermal loads, vibration, etc. Some of our parts are used in motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercrafts, heavy equipment, and large trucks in addition to cars.

air ambulance pilot here in Yellowknife, NT, Canada

I am an automotive technician at a GMC/Buick car dealership. yes I said dealership to all the people who dislike them you really need to check them all out and find one that has a good service department. it makes all the difference in the world to find a good one with knowledgeable technicians and managers. I love what I do and it also is nice to know what I know, I do heavy engine repair so working on a bike is a lot easier than some of the vehicles out there. I have a ton of work to do on the bike, should get started now...

Super Duper Computer Nerd, pretty much do it all.

I am contracted at a Qwest datacenter 4 days a week doing system administration and networking....(windows, linux, unix, cisco, load balancers, etc.) I also own my own web hosting and design business. You can host your website for $10 bucks a year!

IBEW Local 1249 jouneyman lineman in up-state NY,

I am a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. I am a gas turbine tech by trade and am currently serving as a Marine gas turbine inspector. We use GE LM2500 gas turbines for main propulsion and Rolls Royce 501K series gas turbines for electrical generation on our Cruisers, Destroyers and Frigates. Been serving for almost 17 years. I have lived in New Jersey, San Diego, Hawaii and currently living in Wa.

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