trying to post a pic on the new forum

Just tried one with freeservers and it didn't work and now it does, hmmm brtrail01.jpg

It seems as though the new forums does not like any image that does not end in .jpg or some other extension.

If you look at your posting there is some "coding" at the end. This seems to be causing a problem. It certainly was easier before.

Many web hosting sights don't let you link because of abuse!

Free Servers is one that works...(sometimes..haha) Msn is another that's the one I'm using!

It always has to end in .JPG or .GIF for the link to work.

(MY NEW DRZ....hahah.......Just kidding)


I tried last night to strip of the encrypted info - looks like you tried the same... of course, if that's what you did you will never be able to locate the pic :)

email me your photo and I can post it for you...

You have a "plus" sign in a directory name. Might be a problem, could change it to "_". Also, what is the "?" at the end of the path? That definitely looks like a culprit.

I've been struggling with the same problem. Bring back the old server, it was good enough for me. I'll try some of the other free picture sights mentioned. -F



Jayman, you can't link from your local machine :)


I thought I was pulling it off my comcast locker account cause I can't seem to get yahoo to work anymore I'll figure this out sooner or later.

I finally think I've figured this image thing out. Thanks again to Spoon.


jpg.jpg I did it I think Yahoo shut us down from doing this but MSN is working

My turn to try.

Na I guess I need to study up a bit

I did notice first time i tried i wrote some text and then used the add image button and it didn't work out, i hit the edit and went back in to the post and seen the image script was on the same line as my message.

I erased the image script and clicked on the line below my typing and repasted the image using the button and it worked.

In other-words click on the line below before pasting the image, maybe leaving the space is important, just a thought.

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