No-Toil Filters

Got my No-Toil Cannondale filters. They look and fit great. They make them for the E,C,X, and the Quads, but not the front filter on the X440S.


very kewl....I will order mine once I am out of the field....cant believe I have a connection to the Web....but I guess even the army can work strange things eh?

Wife called me and I got my forks back from Les I am supposed to redeploy on Thursday or Friday and will hang em on and give em a run!




FYI, I've used the No-Toil on the stock filters a couple times with no problem while I was waiting for the new filters. I quickly dry the alcohol carrier with compressed air. Long term use who knows?

If you liked the forks stock, you will love them now, providing you were happy with the stock springs. I was able to do some serious knarly rock stuff this weekend with the bike, and the fork is still a shade too stiff even with the .42s and base valve changes, which it shouldn't be. I (and Les) suspect the midvalve is very stiff, and he is working on a mod now to lighten it up. The equivalent mod on the WPs produced an outstanding fork for the rocky woods. MX and or heavier riders never notice this, and think the fork is great, but it causes more deflection on rock hits, not fun.


had a long discussion with les on that....mainly the spring weight of 47 stock. I am bout 220 before my I think I may work them a bit more than you!...think???? :D

Cant wait to bolt em on....the forks were pretty close for me as they were, but with Les in them for the seal change, and I was looking for a bit more supple action on the rocks and roots, but still maintain the control on high speed whooops....he set me up he cant wait....

Barko lounger forks, got the correct spring weight for me fat butt in the rear...and the EFM clutch!.. :D

Damn.....e start and auto clutch.....I love this getting old thing! :)



That was my point. In addition to working the stiff springs, you may not notice the midvalve stiffness either. If you deflect off sharp edges at all with the new base valve settings, the midvalve is most likely the problem. Im also looking to quicken the steering a bit. I need it to settle in the turns more on braking, and I think that will work out as well with the same mod. Were talking fine tuning for a speciality application here. I'm sure you will find the forks vastly improved.

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