FYI Ramsey Pipe

I just wanted to let any-one know that I put the "Nathan Ramsey Race-Spec E-Series" system on my 02,and it absolutely rips. All kinds of power every-where. I run hare-scrambles and moto-cross in P.A. and I f$#%in love it! And no jetting,and I still run 94 pump gas.

total cost?

I got a steal on it 600.00 (percs fom my buddy owning a shop) but I think you can get it for around $750.00(not cheap,but I think its a must)

I saw a guy with one at Hungry Valley Saturday, and it was the best sounding 4-stroke I ever heard. I looked up to see where the cool sound was coming from, and there was the dark-gray silencer. I looked for him in the parking lot to ask him about it, but he seemed to disappear. It sounded deeper than most and had a really unique sound. I've heard they make gobs of power. I'd like to give one a try. :)

Rage on!

The pipe is the best addition to the bike overall. White Bros. has their act together with 4 strokes.

I have had my bike for a year and I've held off on buying an exhaust for a year. I just purchased an E series pipe and I can't believe what a difference it has made. It doesn't just wake the bike up it flat out shakes the heck out of it. By far the best bang for the buck. I didn't pay anywhere near retail but it would be worth it even if you had to.

Do you know what db they run, i would like one but we have pretty strict noise controls here. 102db :)

I got mine for a steal at $450. Brand new too. Love it. :)

They sell the E series in slip on only now. I picked mine up from the showroom last week and they had more in stock. Trust me the slip on itself is a monster and is only about $300. The sales guy I talked to said that Honda did an awesome job with the stock headpipe and the WB version really only changes looks and not much in performance. Based on track performance he must be right because I can't imagine it getting much faster than it is now.

Mine is an '02 pipe and it's the full exhaust. I purchased it back in late May or early June. I didn't know they started making a slip on. Must be for the '03. My only complaint about the WB head pipe is, no heat shield. I burned a nice big hole in my brand new Fox 360 pants. :)

I don't know if your dealer ordered the slip-on only or what but I just spoke to White Brothers and they only sell the E-Series exhaust ssystem (part #05103) as a set for $749.00. They will sell the tail pipe as a replacement only if you've previously ordered the whole system. How they keep track of that I'm not sure. that's for both the 02' & 03' models. So how did you get yours?? Can the dealer order just the tail pipe?

The race team pipe does not come as a slip-on, the pedestrian E-Series pipes do. This is the best moto pipe for this bike, period. Expensive, yes, but in this case worth it.

I purchased just the slip on (exhaust w/ mid pipe) from the White Bros main showroom (I live 10 min away). It is the factory gun metal grey muffler. They told me that they now sell them by themselves and that retail is $300.I am going there tomorrow and will find out if that indeed is true or if I just got lucky when they sold me mine. By the way I have an '02.

As a note, the 05-103 part number is for the '03, the correct part number for the '02 is 05-100. I haven't called to see if they have those in stock yet, but if I find out, I'll let you know. I don't know what the difference is, but my guess is that the '03 geometry is a little different so the mounting bracketry and perhaps the pipe bend is a little different.

Just got back from White Bros. Part # for the '02 is 05-100x. They are in stock and retail is $295.10. Call direct 714-692-3404.

From a performance standpoint, any thoughts on how the slip-on compares to the full exhaust. I know the WB has an exotic metal matrix composite headpipe, but I don't know if the geometry contributes considerably to the overall power boost of the complete exhaust system.

I was told the slip on itself adds in the range of 5hp and the head pipe adds another 1/2hp. These are approx's.

I was told the slip on itself adds in the range of 5hp

At what rpm is that supposed increase? Whoever told you that was being may add that on the bottom, but it sure doesn't add that to the peak hp like they make it sound. The complete '02 system added 1.9 HP at peak, and boosted the bottom by 3-4 HP.

I am glad they have a much less expensive slip-on...the apparently $450 (749-300) exotic headpipe was wasted on the average rider and that money could be put to better use.

I think that is great that you can get the Ramsey pipe in a slip on. and at not much more than most other slip-ons. I'm glad I waited to get mine. I'm writing that part number down and I'm going to get one

I don't know the rpm range,and the figures were a rough off the top of the head figure form a White Bros employee. Having said that putting on the slip on with just the stock head pipe brought my bike to life. I could care less what the dyno says because on the track it works great. I've ridden '02's with FMF Ti4's, and with Pro Circuit T-4's and the power wasn't as good.

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