Just for fun

Thinking of get'in a 2nd bike, something I can ride 2 up! something with a nice big fat comfy seat....lol

after studying this bike I'm really starting to like it. Sounds like a great bike for touring, highway and back roads, it's set up more like a trail bike then a street bike! Anyway, anyone else have any comments about it?




Have heard only good things about it. It's the sort of bike I wish I'd gone for rather than the XJR (not that I'm unhappy). Seems to be the pick of the big DS's at the mo :)

Looks good in the yellow, is that the 03 color?

All the road-tests give it good reviews.

Good for passengers according to the scribes especially if you're wifey is long in the legs.

Happy trails


Yes Den, that's the 2003 color, I would really like to get one! I'm gonna go look it over when the dealer get's one in.

Maybe get a winter good deal...lmao

You ever road one?


cycle world just did a peice on this and 3 or 4 other big DS / whatever they are.

They liked it better then some of the others and I think it had a better price.

It was on one of the speed channel shows, cant remember which, maybe

you can find a repeat of it ot look on speed channels site for it. They did

some light off road stuff, double track not too many, if any ruts.

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