Polishing stock E exhaust?

I was talking to DR Zaius on the chat room and he was saying how he had just polished his header pipe and how good she looked. I am thinking of doing the same. Has anyone else done this? Any hints tips or advice? I would love to se some pics of what the end product looks like. So if ya got some post away

Simon polished his header pipe...and it looked great!

The picture links aren't working anymore, unfortunately, but here's the thread: Link

Hey Simon, aren't you finished polishing all those fork braces yet?! :)

I polished my head pipe and it came out really nice. After the first couple uses it turned all pirdy colours, now its mucky semi-metalic looking after only 3 months. Well, better get a yoshimura system...

I think a 'REAL' polish might get you were you need to be, but even with the small surface area that would be very time intensive. I just wirebrushed and did a fine wetsanding. Doing multiple wetsandings to get a true mirror finish might or might not avoid muckyness. I think the change has much more to do with the metalurgy the the technique though. The metal might be totaly different in the european builds.

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