Heli-coil kits??

Has anyone ever used a Heli-coil or similar kit to fix threads. I recently found the threads were stripped pretty badly on the retention screw for the auto decompression deal on my 03 wr450. i went to install a decompression plub and couldnt even get it tight, it would just spin.

I was just wondering what guys think about these kits? Do they work and which one do you gusy suggest???Thanks a lot

I think that the helicoil kits are ok but you have to drill out a fair amount of material to go to the helicoil size so it's up to you. I replied to your other post with my recommendations for a repair. My .02 -- WR Dave

I have lost count of how many heli-coils repairs that I have made. It is practically a permanent fix, but there has to be enough metal around the stripped hole in order to drill the hole out to cut the threads for the heli-coil insert.

Heli coil kits work great and are nice to have around when needed. I keep on hand an M5x0.8, M6x1.0, and M8x1.25, all with various coil lengths.

yea i have heard good things about them. How hard is it to do???

And do you guys think there is enough metal around the hole that holds the decompression plug in??? Thanks

Isn't that a coincidence, there is a banner for timesert.com right at the bottom of the posts. I have never had to use iether but take a look at the timeserts. I have looked at both and think that in some cases a timesert is the better choice to use.

yea i think both look good. What size would i need? M6? Thanks

I use tru-coil which is similar to helicoil

Timo McKeown

If there is enough metal to support the bolt then I would use the insert style of thread repair over the helicoils. When using helicoils you must be extra careful to not over-tighten the fastener and pull the helicoil out of the hole. :banghead: WR Dave.

yea i might use the method you gave me WRDAVE...it seems like its more reasonable for my situation...

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