Sold the CR considering CRF

I sold my CR and now I'm ready to try something new and before I spend the cash I was hoping to get some opinions on the differences between the two and also how hard it was to adjust to a four stroke. Thanks for any thoughts on the transition to a new type of bike.

I have always ridden CR 250s this year I bought a CRF and a CR. The CRF has a slight learning curve in the beginning. But now I am probibly going to sell my CR. I have no use for it. It cannot compare to the smooth powerof the CRF.

I had an '01 CR250 and bought an 'CRF. At first I hated the CRF and swore I wanted another two stroke. Then I busted out the 250 again and realized how much it vibrated and broke the rear wheel loose etc.. The 450 definately has a learning curve but I will never go back. This is coming from someone that swore he hated anything that didn't need pre-mix.

That's all I rode was 2-strokers, till I got my 02' crf back in Oct. of last year. At first it was okay, but as time (very little) went by the 4-stroke it the way for me. Don't get me wrong.......both are fun as hell to ride, but if I had a chance to do it again........ <font color="brown">I'll do the same thing......4-stroke all the way . :)

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