What is a good BrakeRotor?

I hit a quad (stupid quads) last time I went out, and I mangled my disc. What is a good one? I don't think I want another stocker for $180 from my local cycle shop. Is there a better alternative, that is possibly cheaper too?


Try a Braking rotor. Thats the name, I'm not trying to be funny.

If you ride alot of muddy stuff, a solid disc is what you are looking for.

A Titax rotor would be the closest to stock alternative for pretty damn cheap...they go for 50 bucks! I am pretty sure they come drilled too. :)

Go to http://www.rockymountainmc.com and look up part for your bike (at top of page) and you should see it there.

Of course, if you have a few extra bucks I'd go with a 270 or 280mm rotor; they come with a caliper relocation adapter too. They go for about 180 usually: but the braking power is greatly increased.

There is also the 320mm Wave rotor...but that is generally used for motard use and very expensive (but pretty!) :D

Good luck...(damn quads!) :D

Thanks for the link. Is the Titax stronger/weaker/same as stock, as far as strength goes? (I don't really want to bend another). Also, would you consider it a good investment for a rotor protector? (where I ride, there are a lot of blind corners, and stinkin quads).

Have you got a link for the "braking rotor"? I did a google search, and came up with just reviews.


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