What are the best Hand-Guards

I don't want to run the risk of shattering my beloved fingers on a cedar in 3rd gear, so what are good ones? I have heard a couple people talking about the acerbis rally pro. Anyone tried these? Also, where can I get them?


I run MSR aluminum on my WR400. My wife and daughter have the rally guards(with the aluminum inside the plastic) on their bikes. Both are quality, MSR a little less flash and cash. Both setups fit great.

Check out the new "Wacker" hand guards by Motonation. They are pretty nice units.


Buy some aluminum bark busters, several manufactures (I like Moose). The bark busters themselves are just metal. If you want the plastic end guards, then they are here: http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/item.asp?style=2623&department=656&Division=6

They also offer radiator protection by not bending your handlebars so easily. $40 - $50, should be available at your local shop or wherever you wish.

Don't worry, your hands will be fine (wear GOOD gloves, like Fox), no need for the funny looking plastic things if you don't want to, but BUY a set of bark busters. Have fun! :)

I use Acerbis Rally II guards. These have less strength than the version with aluminum but still offer good protection. Advantages are that they are lighter and less rigid - allowing the handlebars to flex as they are designed and in theory, reducing fatigue.

Rocky Mountian ATV-MC has good prices and service.

web page

Rally pro with aluminum inside are a good choice. Baja designs sells the replacements for $38-40 after you scrape em up after a couple years. I like them because they help your bars slide along the ground instead of digging in as someone else pointed out on another post.

I have used Acerbis Rally Pro, SRC, and Cycra Pro-Bend handguards. I like the Cycra's best for a couple of reasons.

1. The bend on the guard allows better lever movement, especially if you crash.

2. The triple-clamp mounting gives the bars more stability, and frees up more bar space for goodies like computers, roll charts, etc. This is especially important if you cut down your bars.

All of the guards I have used are strong, but the Cycra's edge out the competition in my book. I now have them on both my YZ250F and my XR400.

Hi Toy Hauler,

Will the Cycra's mount to rear facing pinch bolts on the triple clamp? I'm using Applieds and it bolts are on the back. I wished they were up front.

The Acerbis Rally Pro fit poorly to my Renthal fat bars even with the adapter kit (in my opinion). It could have been much more sano. I used longer allen head bolts and it works OK.

Thank you!

Just about every large motorcycle shop sells handguards.


Rally Pro Handguards - Metal re-inforced, on my XR400

Rally Brush Handguards - All plastic, on my XR200

Rally 2 - New, looks interesting

Some riders have plastic Acerbis copies that they like. One thing I do like about the all plastic Acerbis handguards is they are a bit more square and the levers fit easily.

The metal re-inforced Rally Pro seem very stout, but have a more rounded bend, so the lever end clearance is tighter. After a good crash, the clearance can be lessened. Make sure you are not catching the clutch lever end after a crash. The easier way to straighten them out is to unbolt the handguard at the inner mount. (1 bolt) Bend it out at the bar end, bend square at the corner. Bolt back on. I have never had the throttle stick after a crash.

Both handguards are wide where they meet the end of the handlebars. This allows the handlebars to slide and not dig in when you crash. My XR400 has slowly slid for 15 feet on steep hills.


I cut the grip on the clutch side by lightly taping the bar ends with a hammer. I cut the throttle grip on the inside of the outer rib with a knife. After you remove the stock hanguards, you will need a stack of washers or a shorter bolt on the clutch side.

If you get the Rally Pro, use low strength Locktite on the bolts. They tend to loosen up. However, you do need to loosen and adjust them at time.s

I have the Acerbis Rallys (all plastic, no metal) on Hebo bars. They have been tested unfortunately, but saved my hand. While ripping through tight hare scramble trails, I was going too fast and clipped a tree with my right knee and handlebar. It stopped me right now. I remember feeling the hand guard snug up against my knuckles a bit, but didn't hurt. What hurt was my knee. I had a bloody knee but my hand was fine. I like 'em. :) Now I need knee guards...

Do the Cycra's have the metal insert? Are they durable? I like the price.

Also, what do people think about the Factory909 brand? Are they any good?

I think $90.00 for the factory 909 handguards is excessive.

Had the Acerbis Brush Guards (no metal insert) and liked them because of the light weight, however when exercized, they flexed enough to allow the clutch lever to bend. Any hard fall to the left always resulted in a bend in the end of the clutch lever. Switched to the Wackers and so far so good. The metal insert can absorb, through deformation, a lot more energy that the plastic. They bend back more easily that the levers.


all the good handguards were too exspensive so i came up with a better solution.instead of motorcycle gloves i wear 8oz. boxing gloves when i ride they work great.the best part is you dont hurt your hand on buddy's helmet if you have to slug him when he's trying to pass

I think I like either the cycra (cause they are cheap), Acerbis rally pro (everybody has 'em, so they can't be taht bad), or the moose (cause they have the replaceable outer part). However, I can't find the metal inner part for the moose. Anybody have a link?

Check the product again. Some handguards are meant to mount on bark-busters.

On groups.yahoo.com someone posted about an Acerbis knockoff that was cheaper and better. It's under the HondaXR or XR400 group. Or maybe it's here.

From Don...

I don't know or remember where I got this tip but it worked great. I just installed a set of Acerbis Rally Pro hand guards. When you remove the stock hand guards you are left with the front brake lever pivot bolt that sticks up alot. You can order from Honda part # 90114-166-006. Its a pivot bolt from some late model CR models that threads all the way down. Also get part # 53176-ML3-791, it's a brake lever rubber boot. Both of these will set you back about $9.00 and they fit perfect. Thanks to whoever figured this out.


Where Can I get the Barkbusters? Is Barkbusters a brand, or type of something?

What about the Maier Aluminum handguards? Are they any good? Here is a pic:


I use the Acerbis Rally Pros,indestructable. All my KTM friends use the E-Line,and several have had trouble with the bolts tearing through the palstic. :D :D :):D :D

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