Tell me about the ride you took this weekend.

I live in Siskiyou County where there are hundreds of miles of dirt roads and trails. I left my house sunday and rode 20mi to a town called Hornbrook, near the OR boarder. Took a left (west) and went up the mountain (Cottonwood Peak). Along the way there was great rolls in the road which allowed the rear tire to spin and I felt the little "G"s on each dip:fun, fun, fun. This will be great when the rain comes and makes the road tacky. Wonderful views of Mt.Shasta, Mt. Ashland, and a little known Paradise Craggy. The weather was just right. No break downs and only one water crossing. :) I ended up after a few hours of riding only a few miles away from where I entered the mountain. The roads climbed, twisted, decended, and only came upon one vehicle, a jeep with a dead buck on the hood. Howbout you?

Rode a place called Helemano this past Sunday and had a blast. Tons of gnarly sections and a loooong stretch of everyman for himself to end the day. Crossed boulder beds at least 20 times!!! :)

went to the local dust bowl, i mean prarie city, south of sacramento. Its about 10 miles from my house. Took the bike on the mx track. MISTAKE. mud and soft dirt are DANGEROUS on stock trailwings. lowsided half a dozen times on my one lap. It was actually hallarious by the time i got off. Im a very good technical rider, but a total loss of traction will do most anyone in. Hit the dry trails, got some air. OOOH ya hit a double on the one spot i could hook up on in the track. Anyways, only real excitement came on a fast hill clime up the back of the park. I was doing about 45 WOT in 3rd. Hit a rock and deflected my front tire to the lock. Went lock to lock 4 times before i got a handle on it. thank god there wasnt hardly wany weight up fornt. steering damper anyone?????? :) D606's on order

I rode to the store and back :)

But I'll be riding at Hollister this Sunday!

Half an hour south of Denver is a trail system called Rampart Range. It's eroded granite gravel single track with the occasional damp, dirt creek bottom section. The area is about 7000 feet above sea level and mostly evergreen forest with Aspen groves in the previously mentioned moist recesses. It's beautiful.

My two buddies, one on an '02 DRZS like mine and another on his newly aquired '01 400EXC, hit the trail around 1:30. We hit it pretty hard because the guy on the KTM had to be back in Denver by 6:00.

We flew! We wanted to get as much riding in and as tired as possible in the short time we had. We did about 40 miles in 3.5 hours. We had to swap a plug on the DRZ, but other than that we took just short rests to drink and look at the map.

I had my first head-on collision, which are common in this two-way trail system. Luckily, I slow down before all blind curves and even beep my horn. By the time the YZF and I collided, we had each slowed enough that no serious damage or injury resulted. His forks were a little tweaked. I, luckily, was unscathed. I was a bit gun shy the rest of the day, but it probably made me a more alert rider. I scoped escape routes for each sharp turn as I entered them.

This weekend, the same crew is heading to Utah to ride the San Rafael Swell. I posted info a couple weeks ago. If anyone is interested, it is a free organized ride put on by the Utah Trail Machines Association. For additional info, goto:

well it was my b/day on the saturday which meant i could finally ride legally i went for a blast

early in the morning on some easy gravel roads and ended up coming down some real grarly tracks

mud everywhere(new bike filthy) and a sick as hill with big loose rocks everywhere

and a creek crossing then in the afternoon went with my cousin he rides a wr400 did some jumps

at gravel pit some guy on a quad actually stopped and watched which was cool

then i drag raced my cuz's wr.......rolling start i was in 2nd he was in 3rd we were sideby side

until about 130km/h then he pulled in front i maxed out at 145kmh he was half a bike length in front

then we backed off my bike had only done 200kms at the time!! now its done 385....well and trully run in :D btw his had only done 85kms after being rebuilt and on the sunday went for another ride with my cuz for a couple of hours great tracks and two creek crossings we had to drag the bikes thru with water waist high :) and i was still sore on tuesday coz i havnt ridden for ages but loved every minute and cant wait till saturday !!!! :D

Rode the tri-state turkey run in winchendon, mass. Fabulous trails, some open dirt roads, and some real first gear grinders. Water, mud, sand, you name it, it was there!

Rode with a buddy out east of Seattle near Gold Bar. It's the Reiter Road area which all Seattle dirt riders are familiar with. The riding was great! We've had some rain lately and the trails were either moist of puddle-filled. My bike was hookin' up like a mo-fo.

There was a bunch of Sherrif deputies out there cause' some a-hole went and killed an 18 y/o girl and dumped her body out there. That was a drag. I saw a pic of the girl on the news, real cute and sadly real dead. I wish killers got the same treatment as their victims. They ought to take the killer, shove his ass in a bag, take him to the woods and pump him full of lead just like he did to her.

I rode with my girlfriend this weekend. Her on her XR200, and me on my DRZ. Great ride. First time she's been riding in 8 months due to her car accident and broken pelvis. She did really well around the Coalinga desert area, and only crashed once in some soft dust when doing a U turn. We both had a lot of fun :)


I rode at my usual place, about 70 mi from here on Cape Cod.

The whole "cape" is almost entirely sand, alot of other dirt mixed in too however in the forests.

We hit the abandoned cranberry bogs, my dad and I. We traded off between the DRZ and our 89 KDX200...lots of fun!

Well when I was behind my dad (on the kdx) he stalled it going up a huge assed sandy, rocky, rutted hill. I didn't want to stop behind him so I just went WOT in 3rd. Didn't make it though! About 15 feet from the top I was slowing down real fast, still in 3rd, spittin all kinds of crap down the hill! I did get stuck, and man what a pain in the ass to get down! Had to lift the rear wheel out of the hole, then lock the front wheel up and roll down the hill backwards.

In addition I was on the low side of the bike, so it was a bit of a challenge. If I had lowered my air pressure a bit I would have made it, but I forgot. :)

Then we ended up on a new trail, goes all along the local lake. Beautiful scenery! A 100+ foot above the lake in some spots, so we could see pretty much everything for a few miles. The trail was also real twisty in some spots; it made for a good change. :D

Then we ended up on a beach by the lake with some man-made sand dunes. There was no one around, so we started to hit the dunes as jumps. Man that was fun! I "crashed" once, but falling in beach sand doesn't ever hurt. :D

After we stopped for some water and PB and J sandwiches we took an 8 mile loop aroud the Otis Air Force base. The trail goes all along the outer fence line. Sometimes the MP's will bother us and kick us out, but that day they didn't mind. So we continued around the base and found a decent sized sand and gravel pit, with some really tall hill climbs all around. I hit one in 4th gear, thinking it would be loose dirt, but it was actually very grippy, so I ended up getting lots of air off the top of the hill. Very cool. :D

Then we rode some more, basically the same as above! :D

Got to the track.

Went to unload and had to move the back of my bike over. Had my arm pronated, went to lift, heard a pop followed by a tearing noise and instant pain.

Closed the tailgate to my trailer, iced my bicep (slightly torn) watched the guys ride for a while and went home.

Woke up Monday and below my elbow is all purple.

This was going to be my first ride after knocking myself out and trashing my quad muscle.

At 42 my wife and friends think I'm crazy. They just don't understand.

Oh well there's always next weekend.


This is a cool thread. Very diverse stories. Keep 'em coming. I took my wife out, on her Kawasaki Super Sherpa, for the first time off road. I found a trail that was very easy and wide. I could easily have driven my truck down it. She loved the idea of cruising down a trail and coming out on a road far from where she started and not knowing exactly where. She'll never get wild on the trails and it's going to be a challenge to find trails that are suitable but it's nice to get her involved. Now she understands why I love it.

Drove like 2 hours to Pinegrove PA. Rode a 2.5 hour harescramble. Waved to my wife and kid, promptly fell down while doing this. Finished race. Got a 10th place out of 13 riders. Felt great about not crashing more than once, and that there were 3 people that were slower than me out there. :):D :D :D :D

I rode to the end of the street and back!!!!!! My first official ride since surgery. My god it felt nice. Did a huge wheelie too but put the front end down before the wife saw :). That made my elbow a bit sore but it felt good while riding. It has perfect motion for riding position. Im lovin it! :D

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