Painting engine

Just removed some engine case covers on my YZ450F to bead blast and repaint. Do I need to put any primer on or just use the Yamaha case paint. Want to do it right so it doesn't rub off easily. Thanks. SLuggo

Make sure you clean them with lacquer thinner after blasting (silicone beads)

so the paint sticks....

i tried that yamaha panit on my 400 cause it was looking a little worn out well i sanded it and cleaned it primied it then painted it and it worn down realy quick and dont let gas hit it or all that hard work will go down the drain

Have you thought about getting them powder coated?

I never use primer....and dry part with space heater about three feet away...

Use satin finish Yamaha case paint.....gas won't touch it after it dries.....

you can use an epoxy paint. cures super hard, but takes a long time for it to be ready.

its pretty much the strongest 'end user' paint available

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