03 CRF air cleaner????

Does anyone have info on an aftermarket air cleaner for the 03 CRF or will the 02 be the same? Thanks in advance.

02 not the same as 03

Uni just released one. Have dealer get number from Parts Unlimited. I just ordered five of 'em and they're due mid October.

Hope this helps.


No-Toil has had them available for over a month for the 03. I got one back in August. Works great and is easier to install than the OEM filter. Not to mention how easy cleanup is with their cleaner and water!

03 is different from 02. The stock filter is weird but works. Manchester Honda has 03 Twin-Air's in stock for 18.99, I received 6 from them a week ago. The Twin-Airs are much easier to service, I've used them on every bike I have ever owned and have never ever passed anything into the engine, even in dust bowl conditions.

Has anyone tried the K&N?

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