Bigger sprocket (51 tooth) causing problems

Hi folks,

As some of you may have noticed I have a small amount of experience with bike maintenance but none with WR's. I have a 98 400 which needs alot of work. Today I am fitting new chain and sprockets, my problem is the local parts supplier only had a 51 tooth rear sprocket. There was a 49 on it already.

The problem is that with the back wheel as far forward as it can go the chain on the sprocket wont fit through the chain guide on the bottom of the swing arm. It just runs straight into it.

I'm thinking the only solution is to set the wheel half way back, leaving the chain one link longer to accomodate. Then once the chain has stretched so the wheel is back as far as it can go, drop another link and move wheel forward to half way point again.

What do you guys think?



Personally I would search the net and bike mags for Ireland/UK dealers and get the actual sprocket you NEED delivered.

49 to 51 is a fair reduction in gearing, if you don't need to lower the gearing stick with a 49.

Going from a 49 to a 51 is a small jump, your going to need a chain that is longer then the one that was on the bike. With a long enough chain, the wheel should sit back plenty far to be able to clear the chain guide and still have room for ajustment. Jeff S

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