WR-YZ swap

Finally this year after 5 years of riding various WRs in the woods I got new YZ450F.

Actually I was third among our group to chaange the bike and I know the craze swept on and 2 other YZ arriving to WR owners before next season...

What can I say - I only did running in hour today - put the organic Motul for this purpose and changed it to synt Motul afterwards.

The bike feels very light and thin even after alluminium WR and prone to lift the front wheel any time.

We lifted the head breather tube into the air filterbox and installed the hour meter.

On the way are the ICO rally comp to keep track of kms and time, usual WR style radiator guards and acerbis hand guards plus the good old heavy glide plate.

We all (new YZers) agreed to install similar larger tanks so as to match fuel quantity with WRs on a longer rides together.

We already have nice halogen 1,5 hours life battery helmet lights.

Some put the 18' rear wheel - some keep the 19. All with heaviest duty tubes.

And yes- the latest and now the favourite mod - the Scotts damper (me still waiting for 08 version to appear).

All that will make a very sweet and light WR (less the starter of course).

From YZ forums I read that I might benefit from 51 rear sprocket.

Hopefully I will like this set and by the end of the next season keep the bike :busted:

I will update this thread with things I m sure I am to discover while using my YZ (our YZs) in the woods. :banghead:

Yeah baby, I made the same switch. I highly recommend a flywheel weight, the GYTR is probably the best option. The 08' suspension actually is pretty impressive off-road, with the clickers way out, but can always be made better by a suspension guy. The WR has the same old forks that the YZF had in 04'. The stock gearing is just a tad tall in the woods because you have to slip the clutch a bit in gnarly tight hillclimbs, so adding a tooth on the rear would probably do it. The change to the YZF isnt for everybody, costs a bit more after the mods, but makes an excellent off road bike. I don't care what everybody says about the stock exhaust, the bike flat out rips with proper jetting, and for off-road and the only mod you need to add is the PMB spark arrester.


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