Awsome Wheelset..... Pics.

I spent the last 4 days in Vegas at Interbike. A bicycle industry trade show. One of the vendors (Spinergy) that makes custom wheels for high end bicycles using PBO fiber spokes (kinda like carbon fiber) is now in the final stages of completing a Moto X wheelset. Off the rim you can actually tie a spoke in a knot. These wheels are suppose to shave 4.5 lbs. of a standard wheelset. They look awsome! Suppose to retail for around $1700 for the set.






That is Bitxxxx!!! When are those supposed to be available? Are the hubs and rims composite also?


Joe :)

It's really neat to look at, but in all my biking experience I never saw any good composite spokes. Fiber-Flight made some spokes and I personally saw them collapse on one of my riding buddies. he got messed up pretty good.

It's good stuff when you don't have the lateral loads that can be placed on an off-road wheel, ie road bikes/road wheels. After I see the big boys jump some of those triples in Supercross, then maybe I would change my mind.

On another was Interbike ? I was bummed when they moved it to Vegas(only because of accessibility). I always enjoyed the cross over that later developed between throttle twisters and cyclists. Does the state of the economy seem to have an effect on the industry ?

Essentially, the spokes act as a space truss where each spoke is a 2 force member acting always in tension. If kept PROPERLY tensioned, the load is shared by all and VERY strong. You could use safety wire for the spokes if it could be attached to the rim and hub. However, if tension is not maintained, the load is split amoung the remaining spokes. In extreme situations, if the spoke or a group of loose ones is required to handle excessive loads or compressive loads, instantaneous catastophic failure is the result. Therefore, while not as forgiving as normal spokes, they would be great for a race application, etc. as long as they get the attention they deserve.

Hmm, yes, I remember something around them coming out for bicycles when I quit the bike shop. The spokes are like a Kevlar/Carbon composite, and act on the tension of one another for rigidity and strength. Whereas metal spokes have strength inherently, the composite spokes rely on one another for strength.

Lets just say, you do NOT want a broken spoke or loose spokes on those wheels.....I saw a number of twisted up destroyed Spinergy wheels and other composites in mountain bike races. I have Spinergy Rev-X's on my road bicycle, but I wouldn't dare put them on my mountain bike!


My Gash, for 1700 bucks I can get allot tricker stuff for the 426 then spokes.

or I can sell my 426 and just put the 1700 to a 450

Heckler I know you like toys :D and Im greatfull for you letting me ride your 450 :D

But man o man 1700 bucks, thats Disney Land, Cancoon, Canada, Hawaii (if your Single)

I think you need to go riding and hit your head MAN :D

Speaking of riding Hollister Saturday with Blue you game

You've got to wonder what the strength factor is, as well..

Bonzai :)

What's Bitxxxx? Is it a good thing? Should I own one? Is it good with ranch dreesing on it? Do they sell it at Wall Mart? If I have it on my nose will girls think I'm sexy?


Did you get a chance to pick up one of the wheels. I was doing some Anodize work for the guy who was doing the prototype work on the hubs for Spinergy. He had one in the shop, I picked up and was blown away by how light this thing is. Front wheel laced with a Braking wave rotor on it felt like about 3 to 3 1/2 lbs total. He wouldn't tell me exactly but said my guess was close. The strength of the fiber spoke is supposed to be considerable higher than steel or stainless and does not remain bent due to impact like steel will. The weak link will be the rim, which is why they have been testing with Excel rims.

Since I weigh a lot and also have been known to come up short or overjump/flatland I believe I would be the perfect person to test them out... all I need is for you guys to pitch in and get me a set and I'll report my findings! :):D

I mean geez... that is Carey Hart's bike in the pics, like he'd put them to a good test... :D

I was doing some Anodize work for the guy who was doing the prototype work on the hubs for Spinergy. He had one in the shop, I picked up and was blown away by how light this thing is


so that is what you were talking to me about earlier in the year. cool.

i don't wanna be a tester. no thanks. i'll let somebody else be the dummy.

ALL spokes act in tension, not just composite ones. As for strength, a high tensile steel probably has a yield strength (the point at which it bends permanently) of around 100,000psi. A graphite fiber member, if done right, can easily be around 500,000psi, and possibly 1,000,000psi(that's one MILLION for all you Austin Powers geeks, such as myself). The trick in my mind would be how they create the head of the spoke (where it meets the hub).

Historically, however, advanced composites like this have been a solution looking for a problem. Slice it any way you want, but $1700 to save a few pounds seems "just a teche" high. Good luck to 'em.

Very cool!

The technology in off-road wheel design is in need of some serious change. I hope these guys take the lead.

Thanks for the great post.


Dude! it's Bitchin' I was trying not to offend the moderators! Maybe I could have made it easier to figure out or I could have just written "Bitchin'."

Did anyone else have a hard time figuring that out?

$1700??? That is high, but if it works it will be bitchin'!!! and they look really cool! And, that's another 4.5 lbs you can knock off your bike!

Joe :)

They are great looking but way too much $$$$$$.

I have ridden the Spinergy MTB wheelset on my bike for a couple of years, I actually had 2 sets. The first one suffered from terrible creaking and the spokes would constantly come loose. I sent those back and received a new set with a new hub design and spoke pattern. I trued that wheel once in a year and a half and it held up to some pretty hard riding, not downhill but agressive trail riding.

I did not get to hold them as they were on the bike but I did feel the new downhill MTB wheels and they are very light, almost half the weight of a standard DH wheelset. I will give them a try as soon as the price comes down... they want $1100 for those :)

As far as the Moto wheels im not to sure about, they told me that they are still trying to find the ideal torque specs for the spokes. I am concerned that they have been testing them on 2 strokes and im not to sure if they can handle all the torque produced by a thumper. How much wind up? will they constantly need truing? I with the rest of you that will wait until I see some pro's going big with them. However, with a wheelset that light they would snap off the line like mad!

Interbike was great, and Vegas is the perfect place for it... lots of fun.

EGO, I wont be able to go on Saturday but I will be there on Sunday. I went today (Wed.) and crashed the 450 for the first time :D

DH MTB wheelset



those rims are sweet.$1700 to shave 4.5lbs thats pretty cheap.

The wheels are definitely very cool, but I do agree with Heckler that there have been problems with the Spinergy MTB wheels and because of their MTB reputation, I have always been a fan of Mavic MTB wheels.

I would really be happy to see this wheel line be successful. I like the weight savings and the awesome look. Hopefully we will be seeing some good reviews come 2003.


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