2000 vor x-cross

I just got 2000 vor 400 x-cross Igot from guy in steamboat springs, co will get here friday. If any body has any

feedback about bike like starting and manintance, good or bad and such please post thanks

I have a 2000 400EN and they start better than any 4 stroke

has a right to. Better than my Honda XR250. If it doesn't start in 2 kicks, give it a handfull of throttle and it will

start on the 3rd. Maintenance is pretty simple. Change the

oil a lot (only holds 1 liter) and keep an eye on valve

clearance and the adjustment of the decompressor cable.

If you have starting problems, they are a little sensitive

to the pilot air mixture so play with the mixture screw.

When it's warmed up, turn the screw until the bike runs as

fast as it will, then adjust the idle with the big idle

screw. That's about it.

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