looking to jump into a 4-banger from a cr125. should wait for the crf250r or jump on the big boy 450f. i weight 195 6'0 21 yrs. been riding for real about 2 years always rode when younger but nothing hard.

There's the YZ250F to consider, if you can find one. They are great bikes. It doesn't make me any difference if they are red or blue. (Or green or orange.) It's the bike that counts, not the color. IMHO.

If you want to stay red and go 4-stroke at the same time, get the CRF450R. I've had mine about 6 months, and it's convinced me that I'm also a 4-stroke guy. I think you'll have an easier time making the transition to the 450 if you ride tracks, not trails, because the CRF450R takes a bit more tailoring to get it set up for the woods.

I had been racing 125's for 6 years and made the jump to the 450, it was a great move i found. When honda release the 250f i will purchase that a compete in the 125 championship again and i will have much better control over the 250f......

Why don't you try a new post telling where your from and ask if someone would be willing to leave you try their CRF for a few laps. I would but Pennsyvania is just too far away. :)

If you enjoy riding 125's the YZ250F would be a great choice, or if you can wait the CRF250 will PROBABLY be as good, but no guarantees. If you crave more power the CRF450 is nearly as flickable but will get you into trouble faster if your not carefull. The best advice has already been offered; Ride a YZ250F and CRF450. You might be suprised how easy it is to talk an owner into a couple easy laps at the track. I've let a lot of people ride my stuff...just don't ask when I'm breaking-in a brand new bike! :)

i have never race but do go to the track ever once and awhile but moslty trails. for the one that ride in gorman ca you know the type of trails. i'm not a power-hog i rather go smooth then super-fast so i think the 250f will be the way to go. i've always ridden honda since my first trail 50 so i don't think i'll go with the yamaha. i'm not saying yamaha isn't a kicking bike but i'm a honda man. the crf450 was a killer bike it's 1st year so the 250 will be also. my 125 runs great so i'm can wait for it.

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