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Thought i would post my findings. After extensive searching these are the best prices i could find for a complete setup. If you wanna have someone lace and true the wheels, most shops charge 100 each. Another cost cutting measure would be to go to a bike dismantler and find the size rim with 36 spokes and cut it out of the hub. Kinda risky but i guess it could save another 200. Personally i would wait, but i wanted to share my findings.

Spokes and nipples $76.32 http://www.

Spokes and nipples $76.32 http://www.

Rims Front $183.06

Rear $143.81

Hubs Front $90.00 Stock - Dealer

Rear $100.00 Stock - Dealer

Rotor Front Optional - Titax 49.99

Front OS $179.95

Rear $49.99 - Titax

Bearings/Seals Front $32.00

Rear $28.00

Tires Front $92.00 Pirelli DragonEvo - 120/70ZR17

Rear $110.00 Pirelli DragonEvo - 160/60ZR17

Total = $1,161.45

So, it looks like the finished price (w/o tires) is just a hair less than Motomaster??? B/4 you ad in the lacing!! Motomaster's come laced, ready to go, so it looks like Motomaster's price is actually the lowest?? All you have to do is get him to answer your emails :D


Lacing a motorcycle hub & rim is easier than it looks, don't be afraid to try it if you're on a tight budget. I did a couple when I was in high school back in the 70s. I was surprised how easy it was.

I noticed the price for the rims in the previous post...that is for UNDRILLED rims. SO, you still ahve to find someone to gig'm and drill'm at the correct angles.

Try checking CentralWheel in the UK

Just another option...They about $150-$200 LESS then Buch's on a built wheelset, using TALON hubs!

(I'm taking my spare DR hubset over with me ((work) and having them lace'm for me...) I'll letcha know how it goes.

They are dimpled not drilled. It would take 10 minutes and a drill press to take care of that. Im just posting the best prices i found for the rout i chose.

Lacing MC wheels is pretty easy since the rim is so strong, not nearly as difficult as a bicycle wheel.

Hey, guys. The ones on TT (Motomaster) supposedly have everything you need and come already laced/assembled, at what is a significantly lower finished, out the door $$. Am I missing something :)

I just spoke directly w/ Paul @ MotoMaster. The TT price includes everything except tires and brakes---spacers, bearings, spokes, seals, Talon hubs, Excel rims---ALL ASSEMBLED and ready to mount w/ tires. About $25 freight to No Calif. STILL LOOKS LIKE THE BEST PRICE!!!!

Has anyone used the titax rotors? Price seems to good to be true.

The price I received from Motomastor for two completed wheels minus rotors and tires was about the same as your final price, and nothing needed to be done to them.

I have thought about going with stock hubs and various aftermarket places to build the wheels myself but I don't know if that will even be cost effective, unless I would want to go with just a front wheel. Motomastor only sells complete sets of wheels.

Al E

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