My USD upgrade questions xr650l

Hey guys,

I am in the process of swaping my forks to usd and I have a sweet set of showa forks for a crf450 and triples from the same bike. I am having a set of bearings made with machined races from and he has even told me I can probably use my front wheel, and he will make spacers to have them fit in the crf 450 forks.

My question is, the spacers he made were to fit an R wheel into the forks. I have serched and got mixed answeres as to if the two front wheels are actually interchangable.

Also does anyone know if I wil need the crf450 axle? Will my xr650l axle work with the crf? Getting this to work with the stock wheel would be great because then I can get the motostrano kit for the xr650l, much cheaper than buying a custom kit from them. Im not worried about the brake fitting, I will be building a custom bracket for that, also motostano makes a bracket for the crf450 that will make the brake kit fit with the one they give away with their wheel kit.

Any info would be great. Thanks for your help, Pics coming as the construction begans.

The CRF and XRL axles are not the same diameter. I used the CRF axle/wheel and an ICO VRL Dualsport computer for a speedometer/odometer. Which bearings are you having made? Wheel bearings? Steering stem bearings? Or?

Sorry about that got ahead of myself. I had stem bearing made. makes the crf450 triple and forks a bolt in afair. I guess I will need to buy the crf450 axle then. Any idea about the r l front wheel changablity?



No idea, I've had both bikes but not at the same time. You might search for bearings with the CRF axle OD measurements as ID measurements on the bearing using the XR hub ID measurements as the OD measurement on the same bearing. If you find such a bearing for each side it should not be a problem fitting the R wheel on the L.

You need to save the headache and just buy the whole front end. I can sell you an axle for $10 plus shipping. Front wheels can be had cheap on Ebay. I have those too! Hah. Anyway, I'm doing the same swap to my 650L with a '04 450 front end. I just bought the conversion stem from Emig Racing. I think it's a much better choice. I'm going to start on mine in a few days.

I did the same thing 2weelz did, after doing this to my 440 I had the 650L done in one afternoon. The biggest challenge was mounting the instrument cluster and re-mounting the key switch.

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