Trailtechs speedo or a GPS

I thought I decided on the Panoram speedo, but now the GPS's are starting to look good. How do you mount a GPS? Which one do yal recomend? Is there some delay and how much? I CAN'T DECIDE!

Hi Rob, go back a few dayson the dual sport posts to find the post on gps. There is some great info, links and personal experiences. I have never heard of anyone finding their way with a speedo....I have seen people check speed with a gps! Gps are a blast. I even put a mount in my car and I'm logging my trips and learning to plot times, trip averaging, distances. I'm turning into Dan!!!!! I have the etrex Vista, a little easier to use unit is the G-map76. Personally, I wouldn't ride without mine.

Rob, BUY 'EM BOTH!!! Everybody knows the more doo-dads you have on your bars, the faster you go.

If cost is not a problem for you buy a Garmin GPS V or GPS 76S and use a RAM mount. has all this stuff.

If money is an issue go to ebay and find a used GPS III plus with the MAPSOURCE data CD.

Get a external power cable from Blue Hills Innovations (The now have a store on Ebay) because they're cheaper than cables from Garmin.

I took off the odometer on my WR426 because it's such a pain to reset and only use the GPS.

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