Multiple Spark Discharge / Ignitions

Who can tell me the ins and outs of a (MSD) on a dirtbike? I know that JD has made ignition systems for a while and I used to run on my old 84 KX80 that Barrs modified. It did make a hugh difference. Now take into consideration that the motoer was blueprinted, balanced, ported, you name it. I want to get one for my 08 YZ450F, and I know that the ignitions are good, but looking for a little more performance. Couple that with a great plug and great fuel and you should have a definate performance increase.

#1 Best (MSD) Ignition system

#2 Best plug to run with it.

I know that these bike have a shift sensor in them that advances the timing, so would it be better just getting a hotter ignition or one with programable maps like a vortex. What do you guys think?

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