SE Florida mechanic

I live in W Palm Beach FL. I'm looking for a true thumper mechanic to work on my sick carb. Yamaha would be best in case I can exchange the carb. <font color="black">

What seems to be the problem?

Bonzai :)

I did the usual mods. The bike ran great for a half year. All of a sudden it started popping & sputtering 1/8 - 1/4 throttle. Easiest felt at the top of third gear held steady. I cleaned the carb twice. Changed clips & needles. I'm presently using a drt (leaner x 2)second clip. Nothing makes it any better. Which makes me suspicious that it's not the carb. I've cked the entire electrical system & it comes up ok. But who knows what it's doing when I'm running.

I took it to Yamaha. Since it's not entirely stock. They blame that & have now turned Yamaha HQ against me (bike not stock etc). I asked thier main 4 stroke guy if he has worked on the YZ or WR? Nope. So I'm looking for somebody that is smarter then I am.

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