SE Florida Mechanic

I live in W. Palm Beach. I'm looking for a true thumper mechanic to work on my sick carb. Yamaha would be best in case I can exchange the carb. But I'll take whatever.

I've heard good remarks about the mechanic at PowerSports of DelRay, but I've never used them for anything other than to set up my bike when I purchased it there. I'm honestly not sure if the same guys are still there or not (it was over a year ago when I purchased the bike). You can also try Manny over at Redline Cycle in Lake Park (next to Kelsey Park at the east end of Park Ave). They are very honest there and I'm sure they can tell you if he thinks he can fix it or not: 845-6464. You're sure it's your carb? Good luck!

If you tell us the symptoms we can probably resolve the problem online! The carb isnt that difficult to work on. It just takes a litle patience. Understanding what is happening after making an adjustment is good information to know. Good Luck with what ever you decide to do.

You need WMR or Willy Manning racing, 10th st and military trail.

They have a site too.

If it has to be yamaha, go to greater yamaha on okeechobee and ask for Dave Buckman.

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