Oil Drain Plug rounded can't get off

OK so just went with the 51 tooth sprocket and longer chain, will order a new smaller sprocket after XMas, at least me wheelies should be easier till then.

No the problem I have now is the drain plug bolt has being completely destroyed by the last owner, it is completely rounded and wont move.

I have filled 2 sides as flat as possible and tried using a vice grips but it just rounds off again. The only thing I can think off is to weld a bolt onto it and try that, anyone know is it aluminium or steel bolt.

Anyone have any other ideas I could try or a easy way to drain with out taking the bolt out as I won't be able to get the welding done for another 2 weeks.



Try a small pipe wrench or "Stilsons"

Ordinary vice grips flex too much.

Or drill out the plug and use ezy- outs .

use a dremal cut a slit for a screwdriver dont go too deep abuut 1/8 inch so metal dont get inside. use a big screwdriver hope it works'' ps do it when bike is hot''

The slot in the head is a good idea. Try tapping the screwdiver, on the end, with a hammer while trying to turn it. Sometimes the shock will help knock it loose. I had this same thing happen to the Warrior I bought the ol' lady, the oil drain plug head was completely stripped and I couldn't get any tool to stay on to loosen it. So I tried something different. I used a hammer & chisel and came from the side. First, I chiseled straight into the bolt, from the side, a little then angled it so it would move counter-clockwise. About 5 good swings into it and wallah, it was loose. Hope this helps. :banghead:



Voilà :busted:

(Lots of idle time on my hands - two weeks off!)

Thanks guys, tried the dremmel idea, unfortunately the it was so badly damaged when I applied the pressure to turn it, 2 of the sides just sheered off, so will try the cheisel and see if that works. Thanks guys


Voilà :D

Are you serious? TT now has spell check. :banghead:

Are you serious? TT now has spell check. :banghead:

Dead serious. What does "wallah" mean (unless you meant voilà)?

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