My battery died but i got a cheap alternative !!

Wouldn't you know it.. 6 months after i bought my bike, the battery died.

I took it to the dealer like some of you guys did but they said that Suzuki Australia don't give warranties on batteries. :)

I didn't want to pay $200 AUD for a new one so i had a look around and i got this battery from a local electronics shop.

It was only $40 AUD which is about $20 US. This battery is the same size as the OEM battery and the same current rating but the terminals are different.


There's a company called Power-Sonic that makes a battery virtually the same.


I'll stick this battery in the bike tomorrow and if it starts, i'll be the happiest man on earth! :D

Here's a link to the electronics shop i bought it from:

Jaycar Electronics (Battery specs)

This link is the manufacturers website:

DiaMec Industrial Battery Co.

I'll post some results tomorrow.

Mike. :D

:) Update??


We use Power sonic batteries in all our emergency back up lights in our hallways at the apartment complex i run. My stock battery is still going strong, 1 yr 3 months old. Drained it down dead on my first ride of the year. Gas petcock was off! Gave it a bump start and it's been fine since.

G'Day Mike

I priced a batery at the dealers a few months back and I thought he said there were $100 AUD But also I now a bloke in the battery trade and he said he should be able to do it heeps cheaper :D . my battery is getting a bit slow if I don't ride it for a week,and I think the other DRZ in my shed is about to die also:mad:(the batttery that is)I think I might get him to give me a price tomrrow, I'LL let you know how I go;).I think that battery you got should be ok some of the guys from the states have used them with sucsess the only problem I know of with them is the conections.but I think some one drilled a small hole right through the spade terminal and battery post and fitted a small nut & bolt just as a precaution,just an idea.

IAN :)

PS Sorry about all the smileys I just learnt how to use them on our new computor :D

Well i charged the new battery yesterday and fitted it today.

This battery is excellent!

It cranks the starter motor as fast as the genuine battery.

If your battery needs replacing, buy one of these!

It's only 1/5 the price of the Suzuki battery.

To connect the DRZ battery cables to the new battery, i just got a length of 6mm twin and crimped a couple of ring terminals on one end and female spade terminals on the other. I had to pull all the padding out of the battery box to get it to fit because the insulation on the twin cable is quite thick.

I pulled out the little nuts and bolts from the Suzuki battery and used them to connect the ring terminals to the original battery connections.

I'm glad i found these batteries! :)

Mike. :D

Those spade terminals look awful thin and small. Do you think there might be a resistance problem there if you have to crank it for an extended period of time? Such as dumping the bike in some water or flooding it. I'd hate to see them glowing red :)

Those spade terminals look awful thin and small. Do you think there might be a resistance problem there if you have to crank it for an extended period of time? Such as dumping the bike in some water or flooding it. I'd hate to see them glowing red

I think you would drain the battery before the terminals started glowing.

If the starter motor suddenly got stuck and wasn't turning and you still held the button on, it will probably start glowing because the energy has to be used somewhere.

If the starter motor cranks for an extended period, the energy is getting used up so it should be ok.

If it does start glowing, drop it back in the water. :)

It doesn't take long at all to make thin wire glow.....check out all those light bulbs around you :)

I've heared it before, someone recommended emergency exit ligth battery, and also someone said that cordless leafblower battery is the same as well, can't recall wich brand.

mine is 2 years old and going strong, 2000 DRZ-E.

You're right about the light globes but the terminals really aren't that thin. I think they're quite adequate for the job. I'll let you know a few months down the track how it's going.

Mike. :)

Does anyone have one of these batteries in their bike?

If so, for how long and have you had any problems?

Does anyone know how many amps the starter motor draws?

This battery seems plenty powerful enough for the job and i'm quite comfotable with it but i'll ask these questions just in case. :)

Mike. :D

The weak point will be the spade terminals clamping onto the battery spades.

The actual contact surface area allowing the current to pass from the battery spades to the spades on the wires will not be as much as the original setup. Less surface area for a given current to pass through equals increased resistance. For the short duration of cranking the motor till the engine fires up it shouldn't really be a problem. Extended cranking maybe another matter, can't say for sure.

What you really need to watch out for is corrosion/oxidisation at the spade terminals which further reduces the surface area able to conduct current. This applies to any electrical connector on the bike. Check and clean them occasionally and apply a contact grease to the terminals. The grease helps protect against oxidization and provides a bit more conductive area as the grease acts a bit like a semiconductor. Try an automotive electrician for suitable grease or I can let you know an electronics supplier who sells a spray can of contact grease (details are at home). For the electrical connectors not in the starter motor circuit a contact cleaner with lubricant is fine as these circuits do not draw anywhere near the current a starter motor does.

From a mechanical perspectve the battery spades may flex with all the bumps/vibrations of bike riding and break off. It might pay to look at additional fixings to eliminate this becoming a problem.

I would be concerned about charging current as well. I dont think the design of these batteries can tolerate much heat. I use them for starting my r/c helicopter. They are about $25 at the hobbie stores. Do a search on the net for r/c hobbies. Those spade terminals are not designed for high current loads/intermittent use. They are used for low current/extended time loads. I wired a pair of them in my daughters power wheels jeep when she was younger. They got pretty warm and lasted awhile but she had the fasted one around! :):D

I got a price off the battery guy I know and he told me $80.00 :D but it would take week to get one in :) so I ordered one for myself I'll just make sure it's the right one but he asures me it is its he said it is a yasua brand the one in my bike is a Japan storage battery co / GS brand whats in your bike .


Mine was a Yuasa YT7B-BS.

If it's the same thing, could you buy one for me and send it down dry?

Thanks Ian,

Mike. :)

Check your PM's Ian. :)

Mike. :D

G"Day Mike

Yeah no worries mate :) .I just want to make sure for myself that they are the same first he said they normaly retail for $145.00 but he would do me a special price :D :DI will let you know as soon as I get the first one ,I may need another one also just hope he doesn't mind doing a few :confused:at that price.


Thanks alot Ian.

Did you get my PM?

I sent it three times but it didn't show up as sent in "My Home" :)

Mike. :D

Yeah I got it all 3 times :)



That's funny because in "My Home" it still shows no sent messages. :D

Mike. :)

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