Merry Merry!

Merry Christmas to all the WR4XX faithful. Here's to a new 2008 riding season free of filter cage holes, off-idle bog, hard seats, leaky forks, fried clutches and closed trails. I truly hope 2008 proves to be our best year yet, and lets all keep our fingers crossed for some kick-ass fuel injection for 2009:banana: :banghead::busted::D :D :D

In the words of NCMountainMan..."May all your Ho's be happy!" Santa.gif:DSanta.gif...SC

Here Here!!!!! :banghead::busted:

x2 to all.


Merry Christmas to all, may you have tacky trails and plenty of cheap premium gas for all your toys!

Merry Christmas to you all!! And a very happy new year!

With my lonely weeping '06 sitting in the garage waiting for spring I wish you all a ridable x-mas. I will be skiing at Big Sky! Woohoo!

PS I'm just waiting for gen two of the FI wr450 too!

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