How often do you change your air filters?

How often do you change your air filter, and do you replace it or buy a reusable / cleanable filter such as a K&N or UNI?

Normaly after every dirtride, ´cause then it´s nessecary. Only reuseable filters and water soluble filteroil, it´s environmental.

Depending on riding conditions. More dusty, more frequently. Turns into about every 2nd or 3rd ride. The Uni is holding up great so far and love the No Toil cleaning kit I use for it!

I change out the filter about once a year. Clean and re-oil at the end of every riding day.

The stocker is holding up great for me, one year on it and it's still in good shape. It gets cleaned and reoiled every dusty ride for sure, I'll let it go more than one ride if it's wet out and it doesn't collect much dirt. Don't forget to sponge out the airbox while you've got the filter out!

In order to ensure clean airflow and that dirt particles don't get into the carb or worse yet the combustion chamber, you should atleast clean the filter element after every ride. UNI/TWIN-AIR and the K&N filters are very good. You can also save yourself big hassles in dusty conditions by using Filter Skins with the quick release tab. When your bike starts to bog because of poor airflow, you just reach back to the tab velcro'd to the fender, Pull and you've got a clean filter ready to rock-n-roll...


Bonzai :)

I generally clean my filter after every ride.I use a

DT-1 Super Seal Two Stage filter and love it!

I have a spare oil filter, oiled & ready to go in a plastice bag if needed. I'll change between moto's on a dusty day. It's only a 2 min job and I've never had to replace a filter except when I tear one.

I change mine after every ride, not because it may be dirty but when cleaning the bike I usually get water on the filter during the process so I will change it out after the bike is cleaned off. I have 3 filters that I rotate around so I always have one available when needed.


i have 3 also, it is a great idea. all are twin air and i change them every 2 rides unless ti was realllllyyyyy dusty, then after one ride.


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