1st O7 Wr450 Ride

I just got back from an all day ride on my new wr450 and all i can say is WOW!! I was worried from what i've read on here that I was gonna be disappointed in the power of this bike, but No Way man, that is one bad ass and easy to ride bike. If your not careful you'll find your self on your back quick, Wheeliemachine!!! The dealer did the exaust baffle removal and throttle stop for me (@n/c) when they put the bike together, if this thing gets another 8-10 hp out of the carb jetting, ais removal, exhaust replacement then hold on cause now your sitting on a rocket!:banghead:

Make sure they disconnected the gray wire, too. From your comments, sounds like they did...what did you ride before the WR?

I kept and maintained 2 bikes. a 97 yz250 and a 95 cr250. The cr was my first bike and the yz a bike I bought from a friend. I loved them both and really liked the 2 stroke ride 'em like your mad at 'em action. then I rode a friends 4 stoke and that got me looking for a new ride, and the yz really got me looking at the wr's. My friends bike was 04 yz450

Congrats mandrik.

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