Tall bars and seat foam

I'm thinking about adding tall foam, tall bars (cr hi protapers), with some offset triple clamps, and dropped pegs. Has anyone run this setup? I ride a lot of sx and worry that sitting higher will cut down on turning performance even with the offset triple clamps. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

02 crf australian model - stock as the box it came in.

I've got Button bars and tall seat foam and it's helped out tremendously! Yesterday I lowered my foot pegs,but I haven't got to try them out yet. I first got Button bars about two years ago and it was a night and day difference, it gave me much more room to work with. I recently got tall seat foam and I can now stand up from sitting so much easier. If I've lost any cornering abilities I haven't noticed. I can't wait to ride with my new peg location. It will probably take a few miss shifts to get used to. Being 6'5" I am ergonomically incorrect for a stock bike. You got to make the bike fit your size! I hope this helps.

I'm 6'5" as well. Thanks for the info. I'm going have to try it out.

I'm 6'2" and I use Pro Taper KX Hi bend with DH1 bar mount that moves the bars 5mm forward. I believe the KX hi bend is a few mm taller than the CR Hi. This works well for me. I also have Fastways lowboy footpegs on the way! Additionally I swapped seat foam with my sons 02 CR125 - it was taller than the CRF seat. Works great!

I have lowboy pegs, windham barrs, applied clamps in the forward position and a sdg tall seat. Yoiu wont be sorry. The biggest difference in performance was the seat. I can turn a lot better no that i am all the way forward.

I run rg3 offset clamps, ceet tall foam and fastway low boy pegs. I like the pegs, but I have bent my foot in ruts and landings. I would do the seat and bars, but leave the pegs alone.

I can make you a deal on some used lowboys.

Where are you guys getting the tall seat foam/covers from? Are you using internet/mail order?

www.btosports.com has the sdg tall seat for about $80. it is complete, just install.

I've got GUTS foam with a Throttle Jockey cover, but the SDG seat would be easier and cheaper....SDG wasn't ready when I was, but we won't go there. :D

I've run Pro taper CR-Hi's and 971 bend Twin Walls. I like the 971 bend better, less sweep, seems to open things up for me.

I've got IMS low boy Pegs.

This combination seems to be common for us tall guys. :)

Got the offset clamps- love 'em. Corners better, and more stable feeling at speed (that was the biggest difference). Got the lowboy pegs- absolutely love 'em! Best $100 I spent. More comfortable, stretches out the body tri-angle a bit, and makes shifts MUCH easier. I have my tall seatfoam on the way.

so many options!!!! i just don't know where to begin... :)

just picked my crf up a few days ago...and yes those bars are low. makes standing quite a task...all hunched over like quasimoto. hey, new form of mx! "welcome to anaheim!! and the new QUASI-MOTO series!!!" sorry...

anyway, i'm 6'3...so i'm looking at all this stuff you guys are talking about. i just can't decide! anyone using tag bars? and did you guys with the lowboys actually lower them...or did you just move the pegs back? thanks.


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