WER Suspension Work

Has anyone tried WER for woods type suspension work. I know they make a good stabilizer and skid plate, but I'm curious about their suspension performance.


I would personally go with a company that specializes in suspension like Pro- Action or factory connection.

I have personally ridden a WER set up bike and it was awesome. Drew really knows how to set the bikes up for really knarly terrain. If you don't plan on doing much moto, I would highly recommend them. Drew has been doing suspension for a long time and the nice thing about having WER doing it, you have one guy touching your suspension all the way through. Not an assembly line of suspension.

I have an 02 CRF stock suspension. I rode a WER suspended CRF last week. The difference was astonishing to me. I never really beleived suspension shops were worthe the money for us amateurs but I am sold now. Hare scrambles, tight woods with lots of rocks and roots, WER was butter. I don't mean to sound like a commercial.

Only concern is they specialize in woods not MX and jumping triples.

Thanks for the imput. I ride the woods and save my racing for road courses. Sounds like WER is what I'm looking for.

I've got WER suspension, and its awesome. And redball, if your who i think you are, it was my 450 you rode. Right now theres some kinks with the 03 suspension, as the front fork pistons were completely redisgned for 03, and WER doesnt quite have it worked out yet (my suspension is still stiff, but not too bad) and i think it works fine for MX, even soft.


WER suspension is totally awesome if your gonna attack rocks and roots or whatever you come across in the woods.I also have a WER steering damper and it makes everything so much smoother.SMOOTH IS FAST :):D :D

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