Buying a bike from Canada??

I have been looking into buying a bike from Canada. You can save over a $1,000 and it sounded pretty simple. I did however check with the dept of motor vehicles here in CA. They told me that Canadian bikes are not built to US standards and therefore cannot be registered in CA. I asked if this applied to other states, and she said yes, but most are not enforcing the rule,,,,except CA.Has anyone heard of this before? If so, how did you get around it? Here in CA we need registration to race at most events so it is important that I figure this out.

A lot of people have done it. Ask the DMV person what California vehicle code section she/ he is quoting. Having a DMV job is just welfare where have to show up some place for 8 hours a day. Competence is definitely not a factor. Some have suggested going to an "inner city" DMV where they don't have much experience with registering dirt bikes to assure you get a green sticker.

Yeah, T-bird has it right about (most) DMV employees.

There is NO difference between the US CRF and a Canadian one besides the tires and the price tag.


I have registered 3 canadian bikes in CA. The guy doen't know what he is talking about. load up the bike, go to the dmv with your cert. of orig. and reister it. it is easy.

I don't know if you saw my message regarding registration

for Canadian bikes. I bought a CRF and was able to register it in Ca. I even got a green sticker. But the only kicker was when it came to receiving my pink slip Sacramento saw it was purchased from canada and gave me the same runaround you are talking about. Spend the extra cash and buy in the states. Unless it's not an issue. If it's not i'll sell you mine for a smoking deal.

I got my '99 wr400 from Canada and not only do I get a new green sticker every other year, I also have a CA license plate on it.


That's cool and I don't want to burst your bubble, but, a 99 WR400 is a green sticker bike anyway. Which means you can get a plate for it also.


Go for it, i just recently got a green sticker for my '01 cr250 smoke puffer, enough said.

My point was that there was nothing different concerning the DMV because it came from Canada vs a USA model.

So I call a honda dealer in Canada, negotiate a price for an uncrated crf, send him the cash and he'll ship it to my door?

I got mine from a shop in Arizona that imports them. I paid $5880 and they delivered it to me at the Perris MX track. It's a canadian model but they've already did all the paper work and get an Arizona title for it so that all you have to do is transfer the AZ. title to CA. It's a little more $$$$ but still cheaper then any of my local shops and I wasn't worried about sending a ton of cash to another country in hopes of getting a dirt bike in the mail!!! The shop is in Glendale Az. and is called Action Sports Cycle. They'll deliver for free to a local track if they're coming out for a race themselves or are delivering 2 or more bikes. If they're just bringing your's for you they charge $100, still cheap though!!!

I'm pretty sure this is their current ad on cycle trader (that's where I found them) Ask for Cindy or Ed and tell them Khris Kading told you they'll remember me since I picked mine up last weekend.


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