Exhaust on TTR-125L


I am new to this posting and new to dirt biking. I bought a TTR-125L about 2 months ago and I am ready for a little more power but not too loud an exhaust. I have read on www.tt125l.com about the different exhaust mods and from the Dyno chart it seems the Engines Only exhaust gives more power than the FMF or the Pro Circuit. I was wondering if anyone of you have used the Engines Only exhaust and what you think about it. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks.

Dynos are one thing, the actual track experience can be somewhat different. I like the BBR pipe as it takes well to the big mods that can be done to the motor and works well in MX. The Procircuit T4 is good as well. The super trapp style exhausts are an "old" but effective design. Both Powroll and EO seem to use them. I see White Bros have even moved towards the newer style exhaust design. Just my opinion........ Others may differ. :)

Thanks, ACS. Which is louder, BBR or Pro Circuit?

The BBR is a deeper note than the T4 when they are together. Both are around the same db by what I have seen on the web but the BBR sounds "stronger" if that makes sense. The T4 is a little raspy. In the States I think you could get a good price on the T4 and save about $80.

On the BBR you pay extra for the cool factor (the name) But thats what I run and i like it.

So, realistically how much more power does the BBR or the T4 give? What other mods do I have to do to get that extra power without emptying my pocket. I don't think I will be doing any big jumps, mainly the flat tracks and trail riding. Thanks.

The exhaust systems would be your best bet. Anything that is done to the airbox would help alot as well. Keep in mind that after any of these mods you must re jet. I got the T 4 exhaust and did the re jet, and after that that little bike would scream! You will not be disapointed with the outcome of the exhaust. Visit www.ttr125l.com or www.bbrmotorsports.com. They have more mods they you can believe.

I cant comment, i never rode my bike with the stock exhaust just the BBR.

Is it worth changing the exhaust if I don't want to do any re-jetting?

Yeah, I would say it was worth it. The T 4 is loud but really adds a big boost. If you really don't need the extra power than it is not worth the money. Actually, I found that in motocross the ttr's stock power is exceptional. But, it made it a little easier to clear the doubles.

Ok. I have decided to go with the BBR. I've ordered the BBR exhaust system from BBR and can't wait for it to arrive. Apparently it comes with the 110 main jet. Cool!!Thanks for all of your comments.

What web site has the Moose Handle Bar Set up you mention. Is it a four bolt plateto replace the two bar caps? Thanks.

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