Hand Guards w/o trimming levers?

What handguards fit XR250 without trimming the levers? I'm kind of interested in the Moose/MSC/Maier type aluminum guards. Do any of these fit without having to cut the lever balls off? I'm pretty sure Moose's has to be trimmed. Maier claims to have a bigger bend for lever clearance but doesn't come right out and say no trimming required. What have your experiences been with these products? Thanks!

I am running the Acerbis handguards with stock levers.

On my XR400, the levers are moved in to fix within the guards.


Rally Pro Handguards - Metal re-inforced, on my XR400

Rally Brush Handguards - All plastic, on my XR200

Rally 2 - New, looks interesting

Some riders have plastic Acerbis copies that they like. One thing I do like about the all plastic Acerbis handguards is they are a bit more square and the levers fit easily.

The metal re-inforced Rally Pro seem very stout, but have a more rounded bend, so the lever end clearance is tighter. After a good crash, the clearance can be lessened. Make sure you are not catching the clutch lever end after a crash. The easier way to straighten them out is to unbolt the handguard at the inner mount. (1 bolt) Bend it out at the bar end, bend square at the corner. Bolt back on. I have never had the throttle stick after a crash.

Both handguards are wide where they meet the end of the handlebars. This allows the handlebars to slide and not dig in when you crash. My XR400 has slowly slid for 15 feet on steep hills.


I cut the grip on the clutch side by lightly taping the bar ends with a hammer. I cut the throttle grip on the inside of the outer rib with a knife. After you remove the stock hanguards, you will need a stack of washers or a shorter bolt on the clutch side.

If you get the Rally Pro, use low strength Locktite on the bolts. They tend to loosen up. However, you do need to loosen and adjust them at time.s

There are actually some new hand guards that bend down towards the ground first the out to the front and then over to the bars. Problem is I don't know the name of them to be able to find them. I saw several guys running these at the last enduro but didn't catch the name. They complete use of the levers without cuting anything. Check some of the Enduro shops online you might be able to find them!


I think you're talking about the Cycra Pro Bend Brushgaurds.

Snapper-I'm running the Moose guards with no plastic.I didn't cut the levers but brought them in on the handlebars and slighly down to clear the guard ends.No problems

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