Little pictures

How are the members able to post the picture of themself when they post?

Go to your personal info and go to to the bottom where it says "URL to your picture (80x80 max pixels, may be smaller) (.gif, .jpg, .png accepted)" Put your picture in there. If you do not have a website you may use

What are you using to get the photo to 80X80? Looking for a better solution.

resize your picture with Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or even the newer versions of MS Paint and save it as a jpg or gif file. Then upload it somewhere like

One tip though, usually a picture will have an aspect ratio other than 1 (length and width are different), so if you want to utilize the whole 80x80 pixels, crop your picture into a square and then resize it to 80x80 pixels; that way it won't look distorted.

Look around. Most of these programs have trails that you can download. They work for 30 days or so, but long enough to get your pic resized.


Just to ad to mxraceraz's post. You put the actual link to the picture in the space provided. ie

test my lil pic

Your little pic will appear in your personal details on your home page if it worked. You can also just enter the address of the picture ina new browser window to test it something like it will then appear all by itself.

Hope this helps.


I used Macromedia Fireworks. Worked like a charm.

Bates, not sure what you are talking about since I did your pic for you anyway? Sounds like you are trying to replace "me"! :)

testing my little picture

cool! it werx!

Congratulations :)


I went and uploaded my tiny picture to PIXFUN.con but can't figure out how to get an HTTP address for it. Any suggestions?

What is the address of the pic you have and I will help you figure it out.

Bring the pic up there, right click on it---hit properties. The address will be there. RR.

RIDE RED'S Is the BEST so far! :)

He needs to learn to type with his fingers though!



Stubborn dang little pic is still kicking my butt!


That's better! :)

just trying to see if mine works

Tried what you suggested. Can't seem to figure it out. Every time I type in the URL I get improper picture type. In the properties it says my picture 60x60. Any info would be great.

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