Plating a bike in CA; Do I have everything I need?

I've searched TT carefully and think that I have a good understanding of what I need to get a plate in CA. But just to make sure, and to avoid having to make multiple trips to the DMV, could others who have already done this please let me know if I'm missing anything? I want to dual register my 02 400 EXC-G. Here is everything I think I need to get it done in one shot......

1. Three SOF forms. One for the B&L inspection signed by my dealer. One signed by me stating that I have read and understand the requirements of CHP Form 888. And one signed by me stating that I understand I will have to pay for two registrations.

2. Proof of insurance.

3. Certificate of Title

4. Current OHV green sticker registration

5. About $80-$100 bucks

My DMV appointment is this Thursday the 10th.



Sounds like you have everything that you'll need!

I am in the process of plating my XR4... The only thing that I'm waiting on is the Title...

Good Luck!


I just got my '95 ATK plated and registered. I bought it in Nevada and had a lot of grief with DMV (because of the out of state transfer). Try to find some one that knows what they are doing!! My deal took 4 months!!

I don't think you have to do dual registration (green stickie and license) as I have just a license. Of course you can if you desire. Also, I don't think it should cost as much as you think. In my case, just green stickie was maybe $30 less than license.

Good luck!

What about an inspection? If it's never been licensed for street use you might have to schedule one so they can verify that you have the minimum equipment - blinkers, brake/tail light, headlight, horn, mirror(s). I don't know if you can do this before trying for the license or after your first visit. Either way, I'd be surprised if you get it done in "one shot".

Montana has a list of required equipment for street legal motorcycles. But I had to ask around at the Titles office to find someone who knew anything about it. Pretty relaxed here compared to CA I think.

Is this bike already green sticker eligible? Getting ready to do my Cannondale, so I'd be happy to hear how your trip to the dmv goes.

Thanks for the input. In CA, the equipment inspection is done by a dealer instead of the DMV. The dealer signs a statement confirming that the bike meets all legal requirements for a street registration.

x440, mine is a green sticker bike. I'm ready for a bureaucratic nightmare and will let you know how it goes......


If you have all the items (1 through 5) like you say and your bike is indeed a "G" model (no 3 or C in the 8th digit of your VIN) you should have no trouble getting your plate at the DMV. I walked out of my DMV office in a 1/2 hour with a plate in my hand. Dualsporting my XR400 was the best thing I ever did to my bike.

Good Luck,


'99 XR400

Renthal Bars (Carmicheal bend)

Scotts Damper

ESP Suspension

Summers Fork Brace

Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit

ICO Racing odo/speedo

Snorkle removed, Uni Filter 160/58

96/97 end cap w/Vortip

Just finished plating my XR4. No problems!


Which plate holder do you use?

I bought a Scotts holder- it looked great, but after 10 minutes on the bike... My plate was totally mashed from the back tire...

So, thinking about maybe getting something else... or bending it more so that the rear tire won't hit.



I modified my stock tail light to use a dual filament bulb and bolted the plate to the rear fender right below the light. I used some stainless buttonhead screws to attach it to the fender(it looks real clean) I also made up a small billet aluminum enclosure that holds 2 white LEDs to illuminate the plate at night. I can E-mail you a pic if you want.


Did you bolt the plate right to the fender... or did you put something in the middle?

I'll probably resort to the same... I really liked the Scotts plate holder setup though...



I just bolted it straight to the fender. I curved the ends of the plate so it would follow the contour of the fender and used some nyloc nuts underneath. Make sure the bolts don't stick down too far or they will hit the tire.


sounds like you have everything you covered.i can only think of 1 more thing that always helps "luck".another important detail when you are at dmv if they ask if your bike is dual sport or enduro say "no" its a "street bike".also its very important that you have some kind of mileage filled in on form.bont leave odometer reading blank on form.that almost blew it for me everthing was going smooth and when dmv employee got to part of form with odo reading at time of inspection and saw it was blank.he immediately start asking me question why there was no mileage written .Does bike have odo?is it street or street bike?why didnt chp fill in odo during inspection?luckily i didnt hesitate with the answer original odo had broke and i had just replaced it with a new speedo\odo right before chp inspection, chp probably left it blank since it didnt have any miles registered on it yet.luckily dmv employee bought story,since my cop neighbar had filled out form not chp and my bike only had stock wr lighting nothing else.

Well, I was ready for the worst, but ended up having absolutely no trouble. I was in and out of the DMV with a plate in about 20 minutes, no hassles. :)

How did you get "proof of insurance" PRIOR to having a street-legal bike? Here in Iowa, my insurance is dirt cheap, but they will not issue it for an off-road bike (State Farm Ins.). That is one big problem with the DOT trying to sieze the Title...there goes my insurance, too!

get your insurance thru progressive online.when you fill out form after you put down vin# ,make,cc's they will list all the models of bikes example[year,vin#,yamaha,cc's]choose your model [TTr ,YZF,xt,vmax,wr or other]choose "other".then insurance wont classify your bike as offroad will still be perfectly legal. your proof of insurance will have correct vin#,cc's,make and year ,but instead of listing a exact body style it will say "other".if you are ever questioned about it all you have to say is "i thought since i modified bike to make it street legal it wasnt considered a wr anymore."other "seemed like only logical choice.

x440s, Please let myself and everyone on the Dale side know how it goes when you plate your Dale. I currently have mine plated through Vermont and plan on moving it to Ca hopefully before years end. I know of at least one other owner here that wants to do the same thing.


Mike :)

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