03 CRF Suspension

In the past I've always re-valved and re-sprung my suspensions (usually Race Tech) to suit myself. My new CRF has (in my opinion) the best working stock suspension I've ever seen. It's better in stock form than some I've spent a fortune on to try to get to work right. I feel compelled to do what I've always done, that is to re-valve and re-spring, but am worried that I may make this great working suspension worse. Has anyone got any experience with suspension set-up on the new CRF's? Can you actually make it better, or am I flurting with trouble?

I have a 03 also, I just recvd back my forks from Factory Connection and re-sprung the rear. I have never been crazy about sending my stuff off. I am totally satisfied with them Terry helped me! I have never received such quality customer service, advise ever! web site factoryconnection.com, call Terry tell him Mark from phx sent you 800-221-7560,

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