06 wr 450 electric start removal

I own a 06 wr450f. I would like to remove the battery, starter, and all associated components of the starting system, (to reduce weight). I am wondering what needs to be done to the electrical system for everything to function properly again? I have read through posts and heard a capacitor must be used, but no info has been very clear.

Any info regarding my question or any other info about what components need to be removed would be very help full!.......

now why would you want to go and do that to a WR? it's whole reason is FOR the those good bits ..... I bet you can find someone to trade machines .... sounds like you want a yz?

.... man, that's just like cuttin' the balls off a WR ...... poor ol' WR!

the best way to do that is find a yz stator, wiring,and cdi with coil. then toss all the wr bits the air box too

your cdi and coil are running of dc not ac . so to get rid of the whole setup you should switch the bike over to ac . I would think you could get all the parts needed to do this for like a 100 bucks or so from e-bay. the yz cdi is hotter too . you could put on a cap to replace your battery , but it's still kind of a patch job and it weighs more . I would put on the yz stuff it is proven and it is a bolt on with the wiring. I sorry if you think I'm trying to roost on your plan . but it would be the best way . I don't like stuff that breaks .

I'd say go into the manual and study it a bit and you will see that you can probably remove the battery , starter and related components. The magneto is still an AC output so I think if you removed all starter related parts and did a proper job of securing and covering any open ended wiring, you would have a weight shaved WR. As far as having 2 posts and already crapping on people that don't say what you want, I don't believe that's the way to get any co-operation on your questions. I do agree that when you make the money to buy something it is no one else's business what we do with that item after we own it. But, people are on here to help each other out and aren't here to be at your beck and call so you may want to revise your attitude a bit. My .02 --there, now you can flame me too. :banghead: WR Dave.

Are you going to remove more than just the starter. That alone wont be significant.

to to 19 in tires in the rear, no skid plate, bark busters, lights. Remove the spedo and get a smaller rear fender.

With a lot of work, you'll end up with a stock YZ.

i think alot of you are forgetting that the wr tranny is an important factor. i know i would love a yz with a wr tranny and 18in rear tire but thats not going to happen so i was stuck with a wr which i love(plus green sticker reasons). i will admit i like to estart and use it when tired but i often wonder if my tiredness is from the extra weight.

ncmountainman did the conversion. if you do some searching there is a good thread with what parts you will need. its very due able and i think you will get within 2 pounds of the yz. the following is from a pm i got from him

"your right, 05 yz parts will work. the airbox can be changed to yz after battery removal;you'll need the yz drivers side # panel,yz filter cage,filter,and the ring that attaches the box to the boot. the wr boot will work. get rid of the overflow tank and look into Evan's NPG-R waterless coolant. yz rr fender. get rid of the headlight/odo/ign switch,and any other useless crap. lose the kickstand. take the starter gears off the crank (behind the flywheel) for less fww weight. anything else thats extra, it all adds up"

hope this helps

Thank you everyone for all the helpful information, I appreciate it very much..:banghead:

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