Cam Chain Noise

My 2001 TTR seems to be producing excessive cam chain noise. The motor has one superTT season on it and was ridden hard, but not necessary abused. I have been very good about oil changes and valve adjustment, as specified in the manual. Initially I thought it was valve noise, but I have double-checked valve clearance and it’s to spec. I’m contemplating removing the chain adjuster for inspection, and to reset the automatic tension. Has anyone had a similar experience – or any problems with the automatic adjuster?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

If its on a TTR125 it does get a bit noisy over time esp with reving it and especially after adding heavier valve springs and cam. It might be time to replace it but our one has been a bit noisy for nearly 12 months and cam chain, sprockets and tensioner are still in good condition.

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