Oil Filter drain bolt stripped?

Has anyone had problems with the bottom bolt on their oil filter cover? Its the bolt with the alan wrench head. I think mine is on the verge of stripping about 1/2-2/3 the way in to the case. The first 6-7 turns are fine and then it starts binding. I cut the bolt down so it would only go in the case about 6-7 turns. There is enough meat on the threads to avoid addition and potential stripping.

Does anyone have a solution? I bought a tap but am a little reluctant to start tapping.

HELP!!! :)

You probably got some metal bits in there through the little drain hole in the bottom of the oil filter area. It happened to me too. I was able to save it by running a tap through the hole carefully. I globbed a bunch of grease on the end of the tap to catch the bits but I was still afraid that some fell into the motor so I took the right side case off and wouldn't you know it, nothing fell in there...heh.. Anyway, you can probably save it if you carefully run the tap in there. Just be sure to either run the bolt through a die or get a new bolt or you'll be back to square one.

Yep, had the same thing happen to me. I took the case off and bought a heilicoil kit which worked great and was easy to do. I did have some sleepless nights thinking about that bolt untill I fixed it. :) I'd still be working if my crank gear nut hadn't loosened up and gone into my case. Now I have some expensive bathroom hall passes in my classroom.

Thanks for the advice! Does the hole in the case go all the way through? or does it stop short?

If you can get your hands on a time cert, that is the best and most permanent repair you can do.

Bonzai :)

I agree with Yamakaze, I had the same bolt strip and I did the time cert and it worked great!

Must be a problem with that bolt, because mine has a rough spot as it goes in as well, and what exactly is a time cert ? I have seen that on here before, but never seen a web page or pictures with some details.

Ditto - What is a time cert?

I had to use a timesert and strongly recommend them!! The web page is http://www.timesert.com/ all you need to do is call the number on the web page and tell them what size kit you need.

I keep my 6mm tap on hand when i change oil. If the bolt does not want to go in easily because of debris in the threads, I simply clean the threads with the tap. It can save you from having to do the repair.

If you have to do the repair, you need to remove the side cover. The hole does go all the way through. The cover is easy to remove and you can re-use the gasket. I have had mine off several times with the orig. gasket.

Thanks all for the awesome advice. I'll try cleaning the threads up before going with the timesert.

I was literally loosing sleep over screwing up my new bike. I knew I couldnt be alone on this problem.

Thanks again..

Damn! Same thing happened to me way back when I changed my oil for the first time. I did the same thing as Sirthumpalot short of taking the side case off. I just went slow and kept taking the tap back out and cleaning it off. I found my bolt to have a couple boogered up threads right at the end. I just cut off the bad threads and ran a 6mm nut up and down it a couple times. Put it back together with no problems since. It's really interesting to see how so many of the bikes share the same problems and how this site brings it all out. I wish the big factory guys were reading.

I had this problem on my 400. I used a small pair of vice grips to take it off.

Sorry for the delay, The hole goes all the way through, but to repair it safetly the side case has to be romoved to make sure no particles go into the engine when the repair is made.


Sooner rather than later, your going to have to fix the thread in that hole. Unless you plug the drain passage from the filter cavity. Mine stripped, I plugged the drain, and put a helicoil in the bad hole. No more problems. Dont be loosing any sleep over it, its not a big deal, even if you do strip the hole completely.

Run a tap in it with grease to clean the threads up and if that doesn't fix it use a timesert there the best.

Just for future referance it always best to but a little bit of grease on the bolt threads before reinstalling. This will help keep the threads in the cases in good shape when you remove the bolt. This problem comes from the expanding and contracting of the cases and having different material come in contact with one another. Its always a good practice to put a little grease on all bolts that are removed offend.


Shawn Mc:

What did you plug that drain with? TIA


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