Oil types

I know it has been discussed on here before but please help me out. What types of oils are everyone using. I'd like to simplify by running the same in both sides if possible. Currently I'm running the silver and gold bottles in Honda brand. I believe I've seen mention of some of you using Mobil.

Why simplify? - its just as easy to keep two cans in your garage than one... :) I'm using Belray EXP 10/40 in the engine and Belray 'Gearsaver' in the transmission

I use mobil1 10-40 gold cap for the motor side and the Honda HP-4 tranny fluid w/o moly. Mobil1 is a lot cheaper than the honda oil.

Engine=15w50 Mobil 1

Tranny=Castrol 10w40

Motul E-tech 100 in the engine and Motul Transoil Expert in the tranny side.



Honda synthetic in the engine, belray 80w gearsaver in the tranny, change both every two rides.

Running AMSOIL 10W-40 in both sides on my 03. Was previously running the 0W-40 in the engine side and 10W-40 in the gear side on my 02.

Engine: Red Line 40WT Race (Winter), 50WT Race (Summer)

Tranny: Mix - 50% Red Line LightWeight, 50% Red Line SuperLight

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