Bent Tag T2's

Just an FYI...

Dumped the bike in a high berm yesterday (busy looking at the girls :D) and when I picked it back up I discovered my Tag T2's bent to hell. Now, I realize that bars will bend, but this was a really slow speed get-off and the bars are trashed :) I guess I shoulda stuck with the Renthals... Anyway, crash dummies like myself should think twice about these bars.


Any bars will beand if they hit right. I know people that have broken pro-tapers.

I've seen guys pretzel Pro Taper-type bars on easy get-offs. I also know guys who get off hard, and still keep their Renthal Twin-walls from bike to bike. Even though the new style bars are double walled, I still think you benefit a lot of support from that old crossbar. All in all, I just don't think you can beat the Renthal Twinwall bar for reliability, period. (my 2 cents)

Rage on! :)

I'm a pretty big crasher on a regular basis and my pro tapers have been through a wide variety of falls without ever bending - I've heard stories of guys bending pro tapers but I think for the money, they are the best bar around.

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