yz400f not running

today i powerwarshed the bike to clean her up and after i got done and started her up she idel then after 90 econds she died and it taker for ever to start it and then when u do get it running if ure lucky it turns off again i use the hot start to get it running and turn it off and rev the bike idk whats wrong im tring to sell the bike so does anyone know whats going on , OR HELP!!!! GRAYRACER

Have you tried a new spark plug?

Drain the carb and let the air filter dry out. Add 3-4 ounces of alcohol to the gas tank and try it again. If you sucked water from the filter into the air jets, you may end up with the carb off the bike to get it out of there.

Try to pay more attention during your English classes, too, if you don't mind.

thanks gray also im hearing some new noises i think from the bottom end when the motor warms up , and im also tring to sell the bike in the process to get a 4 wheeler so this is the worst time for this to happen,

and no i havent changed the plug i changed that 6 hrs ago

well sopoley my bike isnt running because i took the tps off and is missing something? i thought we could run without the tps am i missing something and i did disconnct it from the carb???

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